A new studio building is finally in the works!
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A New Studio Coming Soon!

  Just this month, land is finally being prepared for building a new studio! This is an exciting development for which we have been waiting and working for several years! 

  When we first came to Thailand, video production was the main focus of our mission. Without a studio for seven years, our Love For Asia media team had been producing video recordings in public venues, such as churches. The production truck, active for about three years has made the process much smoother when recording a church service, health program, or evangelistic meeting. Uploading and streaming to social media has been an effective way to distribute the materials, even during COVID-19 lock-down.

  However, as you can imagine, the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a pause in video recordings of public venues. Churches were closed, and public meetings cancelled (especially ones where a foreign missionary would have been scheduled to speak). We will continue to use the production truck for video production as soon as pandemic precautions are lifted. Not having a studio has restricted our media team to mostly translation, especially during lock-down, and to some degree it is still slow, because of fewer public meetings scheduled.
  Seven years ago, a parcel of land with an old orchard was donated by Ian and Buaket (who run Asian Children’s Care), with the sole purpose of building a studio. However, in order to build it, we had to first establish a foundation (Love For Asia Foundation) and that process took 3 years. Love For Asia Foundation next needed to complete extensive government paperwork to properly receive the deed for the land. Meanwhile, the fruit from the orchard has blessed the Asian Children’s Care.

  Just this year, the paperwork has finally reached the level needed to build, but we were waiting for the fruit harvest to be picked, and for funds to be raised for building. We all thought it would be quite awhile before we could start to build. However, something unusual happened that removed the need to wait for a harvest. While the other half of the orchard bore fruit profusely, all the trees on the section of land donated for the new studio bore no fruit. Trees that were in the center of the orchard which overlapped the new property line were loaded with fruit on their branches, but the branches on the side of the donated property were bare. With no scientific explanation for this unusual phenomenon, it looked like a sign from our Creator that building the studio should begin now. 

  This is really exciting for the whole Love For Asia team! Gop reported that having a studio will allow the media team to restart video production, even with the pandemic being a continuing problem. And Daniel hopes that having a well equipped studio can help us retain dedicated video artists longer than we have so far.

  Funds for building have started to come in, building plans are being written, and trucks have already come to dump fill dirt to prepare the ground for building. You are invited to pray for this project, and donate if you can

  Thank you for all of you who support us financially, and pray for us, and those who just keep in touch. 

God bless,

Tesha & Daniel Bair & kids.  


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