It's ready! The Thai Children's Hymnal App has just been released, and is available for Apple and Android devices.
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Children’s Hymnal App Released!

We are happy to announce that the Thai Children’s Hymnal App has been released for both Apple and Android devices. 

As I may have mentioned before, the children’s hymnal is based on but not exactly the same set of songs as the 1950’s Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots. It had several songs from other hymnals, so there are still about a third of the songs for which I haven’t yet found the English language counterpart. I’m guessing that I'll be able to find the English text of most of those remaining songs in the songbook, New Sabbath Songs for Tiny Tots, so I have ordered used copies of those books. International shipping in the new COVID world can be difficult, so prayers for that process are appreciated.

Releasing the Thai Children’s Hymnal App to Apple’s App Store was quick. But the Android release was a bit more difficult. The Google Play Store initially sent back a nebulous claim that it was violating their policy for children’s materials. That was surprising because it’s obviously appropriate-for-children Christian content, so we started praying about it. And after a few more rejections, Daniel switched the primary language to Thai and simplified the store icon, and it was accepted. (Anyone searching for the Children's Hymnal App from an Android phone configured with the Thai language can see a similar icon to the one above, without the children's faces.)

Daniel has already moved on to developing more hymnal apps: Myanmar SDA Hymnal, Karen Hymnal, and another hymnal app for the SDA church in a neighboring restricted access country. Considering the challenges he had releasing the Children's Hymnal App recently, Daniel decided to first release a beta only for each of these new apps in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Hopefully that will simplify the process of full release once they are ready for that stage.

Statistics so far for the released hymnal apps:
The Thai SDA Hymnal App has 5,160 installs on the Apple App Store, 2,126 on the Google Play Store. The Hmong SDA Hymnal has 1,380 installs on the Apple App Store, and 959 on the Google Play Store. The Thai Children’s Hymnal App is now over 50 installs on the Apple App Store, in the first month (before advertising); And no statistics yet from the Google Play Store. The Thai SDA Hymnal and the Hmong SDA Hymnal both have seen their highest statistics from immigrant groups outside of Thailand.

When we travel, we see many people using the Thai SDA Hymnal app in church, and that has been encouraging. We have also heard from several non SDA Christians who have been using the apps, too. Thank so much for those who have donated to this project. We appreciate it very much!

Love, Tesha & Daniel Bair (and kids).
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