Not everything goes as planned, so sometimes the story is not finished...
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Unfinished Story...

In addition to the media work and administration tasks, our family has tried to reach out to people individually. But it doesn’t always go as planned. 
Several months ago, our kids made friends with a boy and girl who would ride by on their bicycles. Chon (the boy) and Naamcha (the girl) live just outside of our subdivision, behind a strip of small shops. The kids played together, riding bikes, playing house, and playing ball. 
After a while, Nana and Sano realized that Chon and Naamcha had never heard of Jesus, so they wanted to tell them about Jesus. Naamcha said her mom was okay with them coming in our house, so Nana started playing a kid’s Bible video in Thai. After only a few minutes, Chon and Naamcha’s mother came, and she was very angry. I’m not absolutely sure I understood what all she said, but it had something to do with that they were a Buddhist family, and that if they converted she would have no one to take care of her when she dies. They were not allowed to go into our house again. And she obviously was going to punish them.
After letting that settle, the kids still played together every week (outside), our kids came up with another idea. They invited them over for lunch or supper a few times, and would make a point to play our CD with Thai Christian songs while they ate. 
That one backfired too, though. Chon and Naamcha asked for soda one day, and got so mad at our kids when they said we didn’t have any, that they scratched graffiti on the outside of our gate. The next day, the kids hid their faces as they bicycled past us. Of course our landlady needed to know about the gate, and our landlady said she would talk to their mom, which obviously embarrassed them enough that they don’t come to play anymore. 
So we got another idea. Our Love For Asia team still passes out little bags of food and Christian books, to poor areas. The strip of shops has been almost completely shut down since the COVID 19 lockdown, and we see signs of increasing poverty at the residences in the back. So this month one of our projects was to pack some empty cookie tins with food, toothpaste, and Christian books, and deliver them to the Chon and Naamcha’s area. We figure that there could still be a strong embarrassment response from the family, so we planned to set the tins (which would keep dogs out of the food) outside their doors while the kids’ mom was at work and the kids were at school. We tied ribbon around the tins so that the tins would be unmistakable as a gift. 
When we went to deliver the care packages, one of the shops was open, so it wasn’t entirely a secret plan. The kids thought giving our secret gifts was like being reverse thieves, and we enjoyed lot of giggles on the walk back to our house.
This is an unfinished story, of course, since we have no idea how Naamcha, Chon, and their mother will receive the gifts. Please keep them in your prayers, and pray that we can find creative ways to reach them.
As always, thanks so much for all of you who read these newsletters and for those who are able to give toward our support. We appreciate it greatly! Thanks so much!

Tesha & Daniel Bair & kids.
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