The best day this month was the first! We went up to the new Love For Asia Studio for the grand opening and dedication ceremony. It was wonderful, as we have been working and waiting for this for many years!
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Thailand TV Studio is in Production!

The best day this month was the first! We went up to the new Love For Asia Studio for the grand opening and dedication ceremony. It was wonderful, as we have been working and waiting for this for many years!

Jon Wood, Pastor Rangsit, and a representative from the Thailand Adventist Mission cut the ribbon. 

Jon Wood introduced each of the Love For Asia team, including four new Thai staff members. Jon also spoke about the vision he has had for Thailand, starting from many years back, when he couldn't find any media work being done - at least not for our church. 

Pastor Rangsit shared how, at first, he was skeptical about what social media and videos could do in sharing the gospel. But the rest of his message was filled with dreams of how the studio could not only benefit the Thai people, but also that media could be produced for sensitive areas in Southeast Asia.

Many thanks were expressed to God, who has enabled us to build this new office and studio. A group of kids from the neighboring ministry, Asian Children's Care Foundation, sang a beautiful song for the dedication. Two other lovely musical numbers were performed, by Love For Asia staff and friends. 

The next day after the dedication, the new staff members enjoyed building the first set, a bamboo set decorated with flowers. It is already regularly used as a backdrop for music, sermons, and other speaking sections of the video.

The team has begun a weekly program, live streamed to the Facebook page, Love For Thai. They had a few minor technical difficulties the first weekend, but our talented team is quickly developing a professional program!
They have used the bamboo set, the green screen, a testimony, and a musical video from Chiangmai Adventist Academy Voice choir. Since I'm writing to English speakers, you would love to hear the CAA Voice choir singing "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" in English! (See the November 20th post, time stamp 4:45.) It looks like the video team worked on camera angles to mask the social distancing, so that the young people look like they are close together. Already, the video quality is comparable to several TV programs and ads I have seen the Thai people enjoying.

Daniel spent a the first week of November commuting every day to the studio to set up the computers in the new studio offices, so that our team can begin translating, video editing, and all the other wonderful things they do. 

But the rest of the month we have been in quarantine. Yes, we caught the infamous virus, COVID 19. The kids weren't very sick for long, thankfully, but for us as adults, it wiped us out for quite a few days.

At first we thought all of us were just getting the flu, so we stayed home. We all took the home COVID tests, and they were negative. But by mid-November, Daniel's test and mine came back positive. (Picture of getting nasal swabs done at the hospital--and they were clear of Covid by then.)

In the middle of it, when the two youngest kids had their fevers, we ran out of the liquid children's medicines, plus Daniel and I felt too weak to drive. We checked each drawer of medicine supplies supplies several times, and couldn't find anything. In the middle of the night, when our 3 year old, "Nemo", had a very high fever, all I could think of was to pray and look in the same medicine drawers again. And I was shocked to find an unopened Children's Tylenol there with all the kids' medicines. I'm sure an angel placed it there, since it wasn't there when we went to bed earlier that night!

By now, we have all recovered from COVID 19, and are getting better. But please pray for Yupin, the young lady who has helped me around the house. We didn't get a positive COVID home test until she already caught it from us. Please pray for her to continue to recover.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! As always, you are welcome to be readers, whether you donate or not, but we are thankful for our donors, since we are volunteers in the country of Thailand.
This "Giving Tuesday", don't forget to support your charities and missionaries (even if you give to another project, or one not connected with Jesus for Asia as we are). The Love For Asia TV Studio still has 15% to go for the building fund, so donors are still being recruited, if you need any ideas for Giving Tuesday. ;)

God bless you all!
Tesha and Daniel Bair, and kids.

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