Groundbreaking ceremony for the new studio building!
Thailand Gospel Media Project


Love For Asia media team has been working without an official studio for about six years.
At times, this has limited what our team has been able to do. Of course we are thankful that the production truck allowed us to film any public meeting, anywhere we could go in Thailand. However, since COVID-19 restrictions there are few public meetings to film.

Our own studio building is necessary to continue to produce video programs with the good news of salvation. With the government paperwork in place, and the blueprints written, we are finally ready to build, and very excited that this is finally happening!

This month we held a groundbreaking ceremony at the property. Love For Asia Media team, local missionaries, and guests gathered at the building site together, while Jon Wood (our mission director back in the USA), watched through video conferencing. After songs of praise, the local pastor gave a dedication speech. Daniel thanked Ian and Buakhet for their faith to donate land for building, and introduced Jack, the SDA contractor who will build the studio. And finally, several of our team took up the shovels to officially break ground. All of us were so thankful for God's leading, and filled with joy at this important occasion. To get a glimpse of our praise to God and excitement for His leading, see this video from Jesus for Asia's Youtube channel.

This building project is expected to take about six months. We are excitedly looking forward to how this new building will be useful in the future video and translation work. Please pray with us for the building process to go smoothly, and that this building will be a place for God to do great things to spread the news of salvation in Thailand. And if the Lord lays it on your heart to support our family or Love For Asia, please do not hesitate to join us. 

Daniel and Tesha Bair and kids.
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