Maintaining projects: studio programming...etc.
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Maintaining Projects

To some degree, it felt like a boring month, but that’s okay. Sometimes maintaining current projects feels boring, even when it’s having good results. (Some of the feeling of boredom may have to do with having to stay home a lot, due to Covid-19 and homeschooling our kids.)

Daniel is doing most of his work online. Collaborating in the planning related to the new studio building process, and coordinating visas for our fellow missionaries, is the administration side of things. Otherwise, he stays busy with programming projects. One in the works is working on a distribution method for EGW books in minor Southeast Asian languages.

Food donations are still happening monthly, but we have less direct contact with the people. For example, we gave a food donation to the Mae Rim pastor for him to take up to one of his mountain churches. To reduce Covid-19 spread, and to reduce scammers (the local heads of villages know who REALLY needs food and who is just getting a handout that they will sell in their shop), the government has recommended that food donations be given through them. 

Building the new studio is on schedule. The JFA newsletter had even more recent pictures of the progress, but since some of our readers might not get that newsletter, this newsletter's pictures are about that project. It's going to be beautiful!
Thank you all for your varied ways of support, some through donations, some through prayers and keeping in touch. We appreciate our readers and supporters!

Tesha & Daniel Bair, and kids.

P.S. There is a Christian family who escaped martyrdom from a Middle Eastern closed country by coming here to Thailand. They are soaking up Bible studies and want to be baptized into the church. They are unable to find a job, partly due to the language barrier (although they are trying to learn), and they are running out of savings. Please pray for them! And if anyone would like to donate to help them, please send us a message.
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