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"What will we do now?" Diana's grandmother asked.
"What we've always done, Joanna," Bridget replied. "Remember the past--and await the future."

A Discovery of Witches, Chapter 43

Monthly Inspiration Boards

Hi everybody! As we gear up for the new year, I thought it might be fun for me to share an inspiration board for each month this year on Pinterest. This is the sort of thing I do for myself, but usually I keep them private. I figured I might as well share! It includes recipes, folklore, reading suggestions, an intention for the month, and a writing prompt for those of you who would like do more writing. There may even be some nuggets of de Clermont and Bishop information in there! Head over to to see the first board--and let me know what you think. I’ll add a new board at the end of each month, and add to the monthly boards as inspiration strikes over the days. X Deb
A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES ON TV Status Report: The production process is moving forward very, very quickly. The production team keeps growing, with four executive producers (including me), one producer to keep us all going, a casting director (yes, a casting director), script editor, location manager, production designer, and four writers (including me). We have two scripts in final edits, and two more are being written at the moment for what is projected to be an 8-episode series that takes us to the end of ADOW. The producers are interested in making a total of five seasons covering the whole trilogy, provided the stars align and the viewers watch it. 

I'm learning a lot about the complexities of a big production--and marveling at the magic by which things come together on the screen. Right now the writers are writing, the casting director is casting, and the production designers are finding locations and figuring out how (and where) to construct the sets. If all goes as planned we will be filming this summer. Again, I'm sorry I can't give you more details, but casting, broadcaster, and scheduling information will all come from the production company, Bad Wolf, and from the network(s) involved--not from me. The show is going to be exciting for viewers whether you're a fan of the books and have read them all (or even read them all repeatedly) or whether you are completely new to the story. As for Easter Eggs--well, stay tuned as many of them will be revealed in the show!
Deborah Harkness on Twitter @DebHarkness Jan 22

making bone broth. prepping for tomorrow's class on gender, power, and the witch in early modern Europe. listening to the rain. grateful.
Original art by Colleen Madden, 2016


I've now seen the full draft--and the illustrations!--and it's AMAZING. Seriously, entirely amazing. Claire Baldwin, Lisa Halttunen, Jill Hough, and artist Colleen Madden have done Herculean work pulling together information, ferreting out Easter Eggs, getting me to divulge information like the zodiac signs and full names of various characters, and organizing it all into a beautiful, readable, and fun book. In addition to the new biographical tidbits (character birthdays!!), there are maps, floorplans, and all sorts of goodies inside what is going to be a chunky volume with black-and-white and original colored illustrations. They even got me to go into my computer files and find you some out-takes from ADOW and SON. Like the TV show, no matter how much you *know* the trilogy, you are going to find new insights in this book.

We'll keep you posted and let you know when the publisher sets the release date (probably late 2017 or early 2018) and when the book is ready for pre-order. 
Deborah Harkness on Twitter @DebHarkness

A message from our grandmothers: embrace difference in all its manifestations.  

Update on WRITING: I am writing constantly, all the time, in my sleep, at home, on planes. It seems that the Bishop-Clairmonts all seem to want to keep silence, or talk at the same time.

In addition to getting down the storylines for the TV show, I AM writing the next book(s) set in the All Souls World. The novel(s) are percolating along in unpredictable ways. Marcus has been quite outspoken since July, and Matthew has left the building. As some of you will remember, I initially starting writing a book about Marcus, but Matthew took over. Now Marcus is getting his own back. I have no idea how or when it will all work out and at this point I honestly have no idea what book you are going to get first. I figure you'll take whichever is done first--if I'm wrong about that, let me know. :) 

At the moment, the writing *feels* very much as it did with ADOW. I write 2-3 page every day, and discover new things about characters all the time--like Marcus's full name and his birthdate, or exactly what Matthew was doing in 1537 and 1541. Because nothing is finished I can't tell you when the book will be out, but I'm guessing 2018 at this point.


Deborah Harkness on Twitter @DebHarkness  Jan 19

Among the 16K books written with the support of @NEHgov. #savetheNEH

ICYM: All Souls Con 2017 will be in New Orleans Sept 23! #TeamMarcus Full details on my Facebook page, website & 


Since many of us are headed to the All Souls Con in New Orleans on September 23 or planning to watch it via live-stream online, what kinds of things would you like to learn about Marcus' family's city?  (Please rate your interest in the topics listed below) 

Your answers may help out those who are working on programming for the All Souls Con, so thank you.  

New Orlean's History

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Magic and the City

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Historical Architecture of New Orleans

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Food and Wine 

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Nearly 800 readers responded:

44% have read it 1 - 3 times
39% have read it 4 - 7 times 
19% have read it 8 - 10  times

and one reader, Kathleen, wrote to say that her twin sister, Michele, has read the entire series sixteen (yes, SIXTEEN)  times   

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