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"The gold-and-blue flames in a stand of candles flared in a sudden draft, illuminating the corner of a richly colored tapestry and the dark, glossy stitches that outlined a pattern of leaves and fruit on the pale counterpane.  Modern textiles didn't have that luster.
I smiled with sudden excitement. "I really did it.  I didn't mess it up or take us somewhere else, like Monticello or--"
"No," he said, with an answering smile, "you did beautifully.  Welcome to Elizabeth's England."

  Chapter One, Shadow of Night

ICYMI: Behold the magic of the newest A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES Season 2 trailer from Sky TV
Not sure where you can watch Season 2 of A Discovery of Witches tv? We're updating broadcast information as it's available here on my Facebook page or here on my website.

"What does it feel like to see your story come alive?"

Welcome to the first of my #Book2ScreenMagicMondays. I'm kicking off each week leading up to the premiere of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES' second season by sharing some insights into the process of adapting SHADOW OF NIGHT for television, along with some of the behind the scenes
 pictures I took along the way. (To read my answer(s) to that question and see more photos, click here).

Details, details, details.

"Oh, nobody will see that," James North or one of his team would say. But I know my readers. And I know that you will be freeze framing, enlarging, and poring over these tiny details just as I did. And I know that it meant a great deal to the actors, too. (To read my full #Book2ScreenMagicMonday post about the set dressing for Season 2 of the tv show, and see more of my photos, click here).


The Big Build.

When I walked through that big old barn door for the first time, and onto the streets of Elizabethan London, I was speechless. This doesn't happen to me very often. I'd spent decades studying the past, like Diana. But this was timewalking. #Book2ScreenMagicMonday. (For my full post about the building of the set of Elizabethan London, and many more of my own photos, click here).


Ready for their closeups--
from book to screen with our fabulous hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams for A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES tv Series 2 on this #Book2ScreenMagicMonday.

As any of my readers know, I like a bit (!) of description, So the hair, makeup, and wardrobe teams on A Discovery of Witches tv S2 had a real challenge when it came to translating my words from page to screen. But they overcame all those challenges, and magnificently, too. The result is, I feel, one of the most period correct representations of late Elizabethan England I've ever seen on screen--but it took the dedication and talents of a superb team to get us there. (For the full post, including many more photos, click here). 


I'm so excited to #WitchAlong with A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES tv Season 2, every week on Sundance Now, Shudder, and AMC+, starting January 9!  

I’ll be doing a #WitchAlong episode debrief every Sunday LIVE on my Facebook and Instagram to discuss that week’s episode and preview the episode to come! Time to be announced, and as always, if you miss seeing me live, my #WitchAlong videos will be saved and available to view later on Facebook and Instagram. 

x Deb
One of my favorite research images

This is an early modern image of a family tree, but the twisted trunk was such an inspiration for the story and for the revelations in Ashmole 782. 
Writer's creed, and thought for the day. 
My December playlist is up on Spotify. About 45 mins of soothing, soulful music to get you through the day. I listen to it on my walks, but it is good for washing dishes or sipping hot cocoa as well! Enjoy.
Oh, the dancing. Here are some precious behind the scenes glimpses of A Discovery of Witches S1 and that fabulous dancing scene with Matthew, Teresa, and Ysabeau. #LetHimLeadInTheDanceAtLeast

ICYMI, Sky TV has shared a great many new videos this month, in advance of the upcoming broadcast of Season 2 of A Discovery of Witches TV. You can find them on Sky's YouTube channel or on my own--click here, then go to my "A Discovery of Witches (TV Show)" playlist, and while you're there, you might want to browse through the other playlists, too! 


Here's a little (exclusive) gift from me: it's a closeup of one of Diana's dresses for your phone or computer wallpaper.

We're making it available here first, to thank you for subscribing to THE BLAST. Click here to find a higher resolution image you can download for your phone, tablet or computer if you like. 
Our Christmas Eve wine came from Matthew de Clermont's cellar. Côte-Rôtie. His favorite. And a very special wine.

Happy holidays to all and may 2021 be brighter and bring health and healing to all around the world. 

PS.  For more on this "roasted coast" wine including its special growing conditions, see the section on Wine in THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS, where I've described it as "a chewy, meaty wine that tases of bacon and coffee, with lighter notes of raspberry and even floral accents--the perfect wine for a vampire's palate!" 
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