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“We gather once a month in Father Hubbard’s crypt. He lives in what’s left of the Greyfriar’s priory, just over there.” Linda aimed her cigarette at a point north of Playhouse Yard. “These days most of the creatures in the City proper are vampires—financiers and hedge-fund managers and such….

“Has Lady Agnes moved on?” I asked, surprised. The ghost’s antics had been the talk of the town when I lived here.

“Oh, no. Lady Agnes is still there…”


Endings. Beginnings. Change.

It’s been a week. I got through ten days of quarantine, three negative Covid Tests (hooray!) and moved from Cardiff where I’ve been spending so many happy days while making the ADOW television show. Where to? Back to the past. Back to the future. Back to the City of London where I am surrounded by the boundary markers that tell me that I am home, in the domain of Father Hubbard.

From my windows I can see the medieval church where Milton and Donne worshipped, one of the bastions that punctuated the City walls, and the dome and spire of St Paul’s. I can also see the tip of the Shard—some modern spice in an otherwise familiar landscape. When I need to get somewhere I close my eyes and conjure up the Agas map of the City and know exactly which twisting old streets I need to take to get to the Tower or the Thames or St Bartholomew the Great.

During these very difficult months I have spent a great deal of time imagining where I wanted to be to weather the pandemic. I kept returning in my mind to this place, to London, which has withstood so many plagues, fires, and wars, and has somehow always emerged on the other side, Phoenix-like from the wreckage.

Life is short. And precious. And can change at any time. This uncertainty has taken its toll on me this year. I know I am not alone. Many of us have lost loved ones, or seen those we care about struggling. We will get through this. What waits for us on the other side will be different. But we will find out way through it.

Endings. Beginnings. Change. Hang in there. Sit within the uncertainty and imagine its possibilities. Dare to dream. Know that you are resilient, even though it doesn’t feel that way. Reach out to friends. Tell your family you love them. #WeAreAllSouls

Things I've done today that make me believe in pandemic brain: used a dishwasher tablet in the laundry, taken multivitamins multi times a day because I can't remember if I've had them, went to grocery store for milk, came back with yogurt. (Hey, I knew it was dairy)


Still. Life.

Thank you to Fabiana at for these splendid treats that take me straight to a Roman spring long ago. Will be using my Amalfi lemon and courgettes to make @jamieoliver lemon and courgette linguine tonight. 🍋

Update: It was a triumph & quick and easy to make.

My April playlist is up with an hour of songs to put some spring in your step and some joy in your heart. Enjoy!

Listen here

Q: When will your next book be out?

Deb: When it’s done!

For the full update on my WIP, click here

Just got the best early birthday present EVER from Delta Rae--the band singing a cover of my favorite song, "Landslide." Their new album THE DARK has been on endless replay but there is no such thing as too much Delta Rae! Thank you Liz, Brittany, Ian, Eric, Grant and Mike.

Lost London.

Today I visited the home of Andrew Hubbard.

No sign of him, or Leonard Shoreditch, or Jack Blackfriars. But I was reminded of how eloquently this place reminds us of what once was. The wooden plant supports are located where the columns in the nave were located. The long main alley of the garden is the central aisle of what was the Greyfriars church.

During this difficult time of injustice and pandemic it was a healing place to sit for a moment and think of all those who had been where I was now, hoping for better days.

Nota bene:

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  • ICYMI, there will be a THE BOOK OF LIFE Read-Along on my Author page on Facebook, May 31-September 1 and also in the All Souls Discussion Group for those of you who are members of that group!

I *heart* London

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