March 2021 Edition

“Then is it true, what Sophie has seen in her dreams? You are with child—Matthew’s child?”

“Children,” I said, watching the blood tear’s slow progress.

“It’s a new beginning, then,” Sarah said, wiping a tear from her own eye. Ysabeau gave my aunt a bittersweet smiles.

“Philippe had a favorite saying about beginnings. Something ancient. What was it, Matthew?” Ysabeau asked her son.

Matthew stepped fully out of the car at last, as if some spell had been holding him back and its conditions had finally been met. He walked the few steps to my side, then kissed his mother softly on the cheek before reaching out and clasping my hand.

Omni fine initium novum,” Matthew said, gazing upon the land of his father as though he had, at last, come home.

“In every ending there is a new beginning.”



ICYMI: a recent informal q & a

Q: How many books are in the All Souls series?

@DebHarkness: There are four books in print.

Q: I’d love to know more about Matthew and Diana. Are you writing another All Souls book?

@DebHarkness: Yes. Their story isn’t complete. It’s ongoing. The 5th book in the series is in process. The 6th book is in draft. The 7th is in holding pattern until I can safely get to Outer Hebrides and stay there a while. I had to cancel the 6 weeks I was scheduled to be there this summer. #COVID19

Q: Why do you need to go to the Outer Hebrides?

@DebHarkness: I’ve never been there. But it is a place connected to one of the characters and I need to go there to understand him better.

Q: Hurrah! So you’re writing three more books within the All Souls world?

@DebHarkness: So far, yes, but like I said, the story is ongoing.

Q: Does this mean that after Season 3, we have more seasons of ADOW tv coming our way?

@DebHarkness. Nope. Just more books!

Today's loaf is from @bakingjames: honey walnut with lots of whole wheat flour. Thinking it will be amazing for toast and sandwiches!

By popular request, here’s my playlist of Marcus Whitmore’s 1980s faves:

Open the windows, turn up the volume and dance.

PS. Click here for the Gallowglass playlist, for those looking for it. If you look through my playlists you will find book, character, and monthly options!!

PPS. Thank goodness @EdwardBluemel approves. #nopressure

Waiting for normal.

For those of you who can, PLEASE get the vaccine. Every person needs to do their part when it's their turn. #vaccinated #TheVaccineIsSafe


Thank you @suzienewmanstables

On International Women’s Day, March 8, wishing everybody a day of lifting others and being lifted by others.

Credit (and thank you) for this image @the_female_lead

I am feeling such awe and respect for my USC History students. They are so tenacious in their pursuit of their education, and in spite of the challenges of these times, they are thinking with such sophistication and empathy about difficult and challenging issues.

Here’s the epic final #Witchalong debrief for A Discovery of Witches TV, Series 2!

isten to me and surprise guest @thestevencree as we talk about the Series 2 finale and look ahead to Series 3.

Epic Final Witch Along with surprise guest, Stephen Cree

Here's a teaser from @skytv to remind you there's still more to come in 2022:

A Discovery Of Witches | Series 3 | Teaser Trailer

We know many of you are sad that A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV Series 2 is coming to an end. But that just means Series 3 is one day closer.

Endings. Beginning. Change. It's what it's all about!

What I’m reading & thinking about this month:

For Matthew’s spy culture: “Cracking the security on a trove of 17th century letters: Before envelopes, there was letterlocking”

Two good articles on anniversary reaction and why this time might be especially challenging: COVID Anniversary Anxiety Is Real — Here’s How to Cope and What Is an Anniversary Reaction?

Deja vu: The American Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919 (NEH)

This wide-ranging interview with James Purefoy

And this Must Watch video for fans of @ADiscoveryOfWTV—“Behind the Scenes of A Discovery of Witches. Staggering work from Axis Studios to deliver the visual FX for series 2!

In Ramona Quimby we trust.

Rest In Peace Beverly Cleary, who helped generations of girls find their voice. 💔

Be brave.

Wise words from Elizabeth Gilbert

Click for another Q&A—this one’s from my website
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