January 2021 edition

“What does Mary say?” Matthew asked…”

She wants me to come to Baynard’s Castle on Thursday. Mary has an alchemical experiment under way that she thinks might interest me.” I couldn’t keep the incredulity out of my voice.

“That’s Mary for you. She’s cautious but loyal…Even if you did ruin her shoes.”


Endings, Beginnings, Change: 2021.

Hello dear ones! I'm sitting down at my desk in Los Angeles, where I've been spending the holidays in my family bubble, to send a message of gratitude and hope to each and every one of you as we enter this new year.

In the stack of mail that was waiting for me in the US after being in Cardiff since September for the filming of Series 3, I discovered this wonderful image from Karin Star (you can find her work here at @karinstar). It summed up exactly how I am feeling at the moment: hope that I have the courage to be part of the solution to the deep divisions that have challenged the world on so many levels in the past year, and a desire for a bit more magic in the year to come.

As we all know, magic is nothing more than desire made real. So if you are hoping for healing in 2021, like me, then perhaps if we all wish for it with all our heart, and have the courage to put that wish into action, we can make a bit of the magic this world so sorely needs right now.

For those of you who have lost loved ones in 2020, I know that your courage is being sorely tested. For those of you who have spent the last nine months in fear because you are a frontline worker, or have struggled to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, or who have found yourself working from home while teaching your children and learning to live 24/7 with your partner, I know that your courage is perhaps at low ebb, too. Many of us are exhausted. Many of us are disheartened. Many of us are challenged by the uncertainty of these times.

But history tells us that these times will end. There are beginnings to look forward to. Will there be changes? Certainly--and not all of them will be welcome.

And most of all there will be magic in unexpected places, in the turning of the seasons, in a new baby's cry, in the tears shed when a loved one passes, in cracking the covers on a new book, in the possibilities for connection that exist in this virtual community we have carved out for each other.#WeAreAllSouls and together we can face 2021 with grace, compassion and courage.

Wishing you and all of your loved ones health, prosperity, and magic in 2021,

Deb x

Hope these work. #BackToSchool

(I’m teaching the introduction to historical methods and a course on family history/world history where we try to see how much of the world's history we can tell through the family histories—in one small class.)

In case you missed it…

“People always ask me what I’ll miss when we finish filming the tv series in a few short weeks. My answer is always the same…”

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A bit of what I’ve been reading this month…

…books, too

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How to watch Season 2 :


In case you missed it, I live tweeted episodes 1- 3 and here’s a sampling:

Google “pattens.” It’s quite a rabbit hole.


Was there the day they filmed this scene. I was so happy to meet Mary.

Okay you cloak people: Matthew. In a cloak. You’re welcome. #WitchAlong, (Season2 Episode1)

Wow. Diana. Kit. The truth. #WitchAlong (S2 EP1)

Real story from Black Death plague accounts was inspiration for Father Hubbard BTW #WitchesWatchParty, (S2 EP2)

Read the room, Lord Burleigh. #WitchesWatchParty, (S2 EP2)

I think it's fair to say that our teams worked miracles to deliver a look for each of our characters that was wearable, changeable, consistent across shooting days, and period correct, as well. And that was true for not only our main cast but also every supporting artist on the streets of the Blackfriars, at the court of Elizabeth or Rudolf II, and back at Sept-Tours. They also had to perform this miracle not only for 1590, but for the modern storylines, as well…

Read more about wardrobe here

John Dee's library. I. Am. Dead. Can we just have an episode in here? 42 minute slow pan around the room?? Asking for Jane Dee. #WitchesWatchParty (S2 EP3)

Gerbert's papal socks slay me. Every. Single. Time. #itsthelittlethings#WitchesWatchParty (S2 EP3)

ICYMI, you can find me reveling in every glorious detail of Episodes 1-3 of Season Two of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES tv on my Facebook and Instagram pages!

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for your ears

My January walk playlist is up, 50 mins of music to help you move gently into the new year


….and I’ve put together a playlist of songs from Season 2, which I’m updating as they become available.

'Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen' Cover AG X Valerie Broussard

Hurrah! Valerie Broussard’s amazing cover at the end of A Discovery of Witches tv, Episode 2, is now available on Youtube.


before you go…

Amanda Gorman's inaugural poem, 'The Hill We Climb'

“Even as we grieved we grew.” Amanda Gorman.

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