June 2021 Edition

“No more guesses,” Chris said hastily. “Okay, team. Hands up if you’re a daemon.”

Matthew’s jaw dropped.

“What are you doing?” I whispered to Chris.

““Research,” he replied, looking around the room. After a few moments of stunned silence, Chris snapped his fingers. “Come on. Don’t be shy.”

The Book of Life

Morning walk in LA. Thanks to British Airways for getting me home, and the @TheHuntington for giving us such beautiful spaces right in my backyard.

Missing London already, but feeling very blessed.

Happy June everybody!

My soundtrack for the month is up, filled with 53 minutes of sunny songs for those long days. Enjoy.


I'm still exploring ways to use my bullet journal for creativity and process rather than tracking productivity. It's even inspired me to branch out from my usual boxes and blobs and learn to draw a few doodles. This week I decided to go with an inky theme because I learned how to draw inkpots!

After last night's stressful skunk encounter and not getting much sleep I've spent a slow morning coloring and playing with my markers and remembering that tomorrow is another day and Monday is a new week and a fresh start.

People have asked me what the various boxes are for and the answer is: whatever! This is the beauty of a bullet journal. You can put anything from a "done" list to an inspirational quote in the boxes. It's up to you.

x Deb

Supplies list:
Journal: @leuchtturm1917
Metallic markers: @staedtler
Ink blend blots: method from @lojatipodela
How to draw an inkpot: @mashaplans
Markers from: @zebramildliner, @stabilo, @manuscriptbrands and @uniball_uk
Wordfetti stickers: @tim_holtz
Vintage Washi stickers: LCoor

#bujo #bulletjournal #doodle

ICYMI, from Twitter @DebHarkness:

For everybody asking about Matthew’s last name before he became a vampire he didn’t really have one. People didn’t. Also: why??

Also, I haven’t shared all of the full names, birthdates, and makers of my characters. Those I have are precisely mentioned in THE WORLD OF ALL SOULS.

Adventures in window box gardening. Herbs, flowers, and some of the sweetest scented violas. #Summer2021

June reading

  • Liz Fenwick’s The River Between Us. It’s the perfect summer read: Cornwall, memorable female characters, history, & mystery. Watch my IG Live with Liz, here. We talk about her book and about the writing process, everything from plotting, research, character, and drafts, to our critique group.

  • “Inside ‘A Discovery of Witches’ with Costume Designer, Sarah Arthur”:

    “Originally, we were supposed to do one dress for [Queen Elizabeth]. And then suddenly, they decided to write her into another episode which threw us a little because that was very time-consuming. But it was important to get it correct. Her costumes were magnificent. And they were all hand embroidered, hand bejeweled, and that’s exactly the process we went through.”

if you could only chose one…

For #NationalRoadTripDay, the All Souls Discussion Group asked which of these road trips you would take with your Bishop-Clairmont friends.

I can’t choose. Major FOMO!

tv news

Reminder: AMC TV will be showing A Discovery of Witches, Season 2, beginning on Sunday, June 27. The first two episodes will air back-to-back, beginning at 7 pm ET, and subsequent episodes will air weekly on Sundays at 8pm ET. The entire season is still available to stream on many platforms [see here].

PS. AMC and my publisher, Penguin Books, are running a contest on Twitter to win a copy of the first two All Souls books: A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night. To enter, live tweet during the tv showing of A Discovery of Witches on Sunday night using the hashtag #WitchesWatchParty. Good luck!

* * *

ICYMI: The DVDs of A Discovery of Witches tv, Season 2, will be released in the US and Canada on August 17 and you can preorder them now.

our new All Souls creature quiz

We made this ‘specially for tv viewers who are new to the All Souls series, but we’re giving everyone who subscribed to THE BLAST the first look. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, let us know what you get. I thought I was a human but nope, #ImAWitch / Jill

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