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"...I held my breath, grasped the manuscript with both hands, and placed it in one of the wedge-shaped cradles the library provided to protect its rare books. I had made my decision: to behave as a serious scholar and treat Ashmole 782 like an ordinary manuscript. I'd ignore my burning fingertips, the book's strange smell, and simply describe its contents. Then I'd decide--with professional detachment--whether it was promising enough for a longer look. My fingers trembled when I loosened the small brass clasps nonetheless. 

The manuscript gave out a small sigh."

 A Discovery of Witches

Happy 9th Book Birthday
Thank you, dear readers, for embracing my imaginary friends and choosing to spend some of your precious time in their world. #WeAreAllSouls #HappyBookBirthdayADOW #AllSoulsSeries

Women Don't Like To Be Interrupted While Reading:  a series. 

Don't interrupt me, I'm reading. 
Please. I'm reading. 
Click here to listen to church music the way Matthew, Philippe, and Ysabeau would have heard it in Istanbul in the 13th century. Amazing. The sound of the Hagia Sophia, more than 500 years ago. 

PS.  If you enjoyed that, you can purchase the Cappella Romana album LOST VOICES OF HAGIA SOPHIA.
It's time to mark your calendar and set a reminder for my next Facebook LIVE. 

I hope you'll join us on my FB author page on Monday, but if you're not able to, the video will be available for viewing afterwards on my page. 
The Professor is: IN.
This month in my USC History 201 class, we used items from USC Special Collections to look for what Erik Kwakkel (@erikkwakkelb616) outlined as marks of reading: manicules, nota, underlining, and more. We also found evidence of the scribes who wrote the books, like the one who finished making a breviary on 24 January 1306!
Using the power of technology (an ultraviolet light) to bring a palimpsest back to life. Thank you to USC Special Collections and USC Libraries for providing hands-on and experiential learning opportunities to our students in the humanities at @uscdornsife.
An All Souls conventicle is "a local or regional get-together of fans of Deborah Harkness and the world of All Souls."

Have you considered joining your local All Souls conventicle, or maybe starting one in your area?  There is no official way to form a conventicle, but some best practices have emerged over the years. Renee R., a leader of the Philadelphia conventicle, has compiled a "How To Conventicle" document for us, which I've shared on Deb's website (CLICK HERE to go to the How-To and also, learn if there's already a conventicle near you).    x Jill
What the world needs now is comfort, kindness, and empathy. Think before you say something hateful, harmful, or hurtful. Hug someone you love. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while.
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