July 2021 edition

“I was about to rap again when the door was flung open. A man wearing goggles and a parachute slung around his shoulders like a cape stood in the entrance. Dogs swarmed around his feet, wriggling and barking.

“Whereever have you been?” The stranger engulfed me in a hug while I tried to sort out what his strange question meant.”

Chapter 27, THE BOOK OF LIFE


Please be kind. People who serve the public are burned out and frustrated too. Be nice to them. Do not be part of the problem. I believe 100% that we could achieve world peace if everyone had to work a service job once in their life. It's hard, hard work. Give them a break!

This week's creativity spread is about balancing the busy with the not busy.

Ever hear of negative space? Me neither. But if you Google it, you will discover it is an important principle in art where it provides the space around a subject, giving it an empty frame so it can be seen properly. I'm applying this idea to everything in my life from my closet organization to my work schedule and my bullet journal.

Less can be more. So this week I'm dedicating a sunny spread to the bumblebee, with plenty of empty space on the page for creativity to grow.

Where do you need some elbow room in your life?


PS. This week I learned how to draw beehives (pretty easy after mason jars) and hexagons (surprisingly difficult and brought back hellish memories of geometry)


Make yourself comfortable. #islandlife

Feeling witchy so I got three more magical brooms made by @thebabayagaco to add to the one I've already got.

I think this means I officially have a collection! With the start of a new month and a new moon coming, it is a good time. And huge thanks to @flyingbearfarm for the chance to hang out and all the beauties that came home with me today--including those brooms.

#supportsmallbusiness #supportlocalbusiness #supportwomenownedbusinesses


some recommendations


Excited to get this book, just published by my @mtholyoke sister Libby DeLana (@parkhere). I've been walking more and more and more and the more I do it the more I want to walk.


Sisterz Speak On It! with Dr. Deborah Harkness - Thoughts on Season 2*

I sat down to speak with the All Souls Sisterz earlier this summer. We had a lovely conversation and they’ve released this sneak peek.


Holy chicken wings, Batman.

Thank you @olivemagazine. Didn't think anything could come close to @NigelSlater lemon pepper chicken wings. These are damn close. I used the oven (400F for 45 mins).


I'm hosting a picnic with Ysabeau. I'm bringing fruit salad. And playing basketball. Imagining that Ysabeau and I will actually sit on comfy chairs watching Marcus and Chris teach Jack the rules of the game while gossiping about historic scandals. And you??

PS. There’s still time to join in the Read-Along for THE BOOK OF LIFE, over on my public Facebook Author page and also in the All Souls Discussion Group (which is private so you’ll need to apply to join, if you’re interested).

Fans are talking about Chapter 27 today!

With rights come responsibilities. #GetVaccinated

I have days like this.

#frowzy #bewildered #AreYouSerious #WhatsUpButtercup #WakeMeUpWhenItsOver

PS. This rabbit does not need rescue. It’s a feral rabbit descended from a few domestic rabbits that escaped decades ago. Their offspring (many dozens of them) are a fixture of Langley life. The town is famous for them. They have names, food, water, and shelter. They are free range bunnies.

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