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"Sarah's garden was tucked into a far corner of the orchard where the apple trees thinned out and the cypresses and oaks of the forest didn't yet overshadow the soil.... Some of the garden's wide paths led to shady glens where ferns and other tender plants found shelter in the shadows of the taller trees. Others bisected the raised vegetable beds that were closes to the house, with their trellises and beanpoles. "
 The Book of Life

This is me and Blue. Today I was blessed to go for a ride on him for the first time since March. He had been in the best of hands with @suzienewmanstables__ and @cartermilicphoto (she took this shot) but I missed him. And being outside. And the heat coming off the ground. And the mountains meeting the blue sky. And the kamakazi squirrels who like to dive at Blue's legs. Sure, I would have loved to breathe in the clean air without a mask and not wear riding gloves in 80F weather and linger and chat with my friends and then give Blue a leisurely grooming. The normal things. But this was a miracle and a gift after six weeks, and we did it abiding by the governor's equine facility policies that protect the essential workers and trainers at the barn. I am privileged and blessed to own a horse. I am blessed with health so I can ride. I am blessed with Suzie and Carter who are such caring pros. I am blessed to have this glorious place and this glorious weather. Today I am focusing on all I can do rather than the limitations. And it feels GOOD. Thank you to @flintridgeridingclub for putting this access plan in place. 🌷 And thank you @roughandtumblebags for the great washable masks made in Maine!
Wear. A. Mask.
It's not to protect you. It's to protect everybody you come into contact with. And it's a huge thank you to all the rest of us who are wearing a mask to protect YOU. You want things to re-open? This is our best chance to begin the recovery. 

Room with a view. Feeling grateful to have several months of being in one place long enough to bring this garden slowly back to life. It was mostly dirt and weeds as I've been too busy in recent years to tend to it properly. I've saved what I could, planted new, drought tolerant plants, and loads of things that attract pollinators. The birds and bees love it. So do the flame skimmer dragonflies and butterflies (monarch, mourning cloak, western tiger swallowtail, and gulf fritillary). And the lizards! So many lizards this year, doing their strange little pushups on the flagstones. Gardening grounds me, inspires me, and reminds me that most things in life are cyclical and with a little nurturing you can coax most things back to life. Now I can sit by the window in my office and smell the scent of lavender and butterfly bush, listen to the birdsong, and follow the flash of the flame skimmer as she swoops by for a visit.
Q: TIME'S CONVERT is All Souls Book #4.  Is there a Book #5??
A:  No. I'm working on it.

Q: When is SERPENT'S MIRROR coming out?
A: After Book #5 and I haven't finished that yet!  

Q: Did Philippe ever meet Henry VII and Anne Boleyn?
A: You'll have to wait for SERPENT'S MIRROR (#6) and I haven't finished Book #5 yet...

Q:  Will there be more Matthew and Diana in Book #5?
A. Yes!  
LA FORCE DU TEMPS (known as TIME'S CONVERT in the US and UK) is out now from
@livredepoche!  Click here to see more of the beautiful All Souls series book covers from publishers around the world.  
Speaking of TIME'S CONVERT...
June 1 through August 28.

"If you're interested in reading this book again, or maybe reading it for the first time, Deb's Facebook group-the All Souls Discussion Group is gearing up for a deep dive into chapter discussions...with a bit of a twist.  TIME'S CONVERT has three distinct storylines: Phoebe's story, Marcus's story and Matthew's/Diana's/Twins' story. The All Souls Discussion Group will be exploring each storyline as a whole--one each month. This will be a fun way to read this story for the first time or to re read it in a new way.

Want to join in the discussions? If you're already a member of the ASDG, hop over to the group for more information in the coming days. If you are not a member-click on the link below. (NOTE: Make sure you answer the questions and temporarily make your profile public)."

PS.  By sheer happy coincidence, the TIME'S CONVERT e-book is on sale today (5/28) for $2.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple books! 

Gardening during a stay at home order takes on a new significance. We are so blessed to have this open space, but normally we take it for granted and over the past fifteen years everything has gotten a bit raggedy and root bound. We are transplanting and adapting to changing light conditions (trees grow and so does the cool shade). We are putting new things in the ground. And we are changing up some of our thirsty containers for something more drought friendly. And we planted tomatoes. I never do this because I'm never sure where I will be in 70 days when they mature. But this year I'm pretty sure I will be right here! 


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