February 2021 Edition

“…The emperor gathered his composure and returned his attention to the strange object in front of us. It looked like a crude carving of a naked man. “This, La Diosa, is a fabled root from Eppendorf. A century ago a woman stole a consecrated host from the church and planted it by the light of the full moon to increase her garden’s fertility. The next morning they discovered an enormous cabbage.”

“Growing out of the host?” Surely something was being lost in translation, unless I very much misunderstood the nature of the Christian Eucharist. An arbor Dianae was one thing. An arbor brassicae was quite another.”


My February Playlist

Not only for walks: cook to it, clean to it, answer email to it!

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Thought for the day

Love, grace, gratitude.

February 8, 2021.

Happy Anniversary to A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES.

10 years ago you went out into the world, taking Diana and Matthew and all their kin with them. What a decade it’s been! Huge thanks to my publishing team and to my readers. #WeAreAllSouls

A walking tour of Oxford for A Discovery of Witches

To celebrate and remember how it all began, here’s the walking tour of Oxford I recorded with my British publishers, Headline Books, shortly before the launch of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES in 2011.


This. Is. Everything.

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What I’m reading

I've got this book on my bedside table right now. I'm really enjoying reading a chapter or two every night of this very evocative nature writing about ancient paths through the landscape. The writing is stunning--I really feel like I'm walking the paths with him.

“A Physicist Has Worked Out The Math That Makes 'Paradox-Free' Time Travel Plausible”: No time paradox. Time travelers rejoice. And thank you to ⁦@MIT⁩ alum Catalina for the heads up.

You can find more book recommendations on my Goodreads or Bookbub pages!

Here we goooooooooooo

I’ve been live-tweeting each episode of A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV Series 2 as it airs in the US each Saturday, using the hashtag #WitchesWatchParty.

Here’s a sampling…

Episode 5

Louisa in full courtesan mode is making my costume dreams come true.

Matthaios.You are in big trouble now buddy.

Father in law just explains he knows you haven’t fully consummated your relationship and your “husband” has been lying to you. Awkward.

Episode 6

Blood raging.

Here comes the bride!

Get your Kleenex. Now.

Episode 7

Behold. The root of Eppendorf. I love James North. There are a lot of happy 16th century historians out there feeling seen.

“A witch, a vampire, and a Jew, meeting in secret.” God, I love this episode.

“You broke my bird” BEST LINE EVER goes to @MikeJipson

Behind the scenes. Photo by @DebHarkness

Season 3 news

PS. ICYMI, A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES TV announced new casting for season 3! You can see them on my website HERE .

Episode 7 #WitchAlong video

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For more Season 2 #WitchAlong videos, go to the “Videos” tab on my Facebook Author page and look for #WitchAlong Videos.

Blue skies. Blue jeans. A horse named Blue.

Thank you to @suzienewmanstables for getting us through this pandemic with such skill, grace, good humor, and friendship. It has kept me going to be able to be out in nature--safely masked and socially distanced!

Photo by @cartermilicphoto

Attention UK Readers: we’ve heard a rumour that TIME’S CONVERT (eBook version) will be 99 p on Amazon UK for the whole month of March! Next month, get a copy for your digital reader (“BUY NOW”) or give a copy to a friend (“GIVE AS A GIFT”)!

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