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- Exhibits and Events

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A Survey From Russellville

In the 1990's the Russellville Archaeological Prioject became a historical survey of the pubic and private land in Russellville. Using metal detectors archaeologists discovered over 3,000 items, it has been said that they may have been used by Confederate's during the civil war, and that some items could have been used in the mining of gold in Russellville in 1859. Stop in the museum and see if you can identify any of these.  

"Building with Rhyolite"

Test your knowledge of local rocks. See tools used in the quarrying and cutting of Castle Rock's remarkable stone-Rhyolite. From 1892-1906 millions of tons of rhyolite was mined (quarried) and shipped all along the Front Range. See current pictures of the more than thirteen dozen rhyolite, mansions, churches, and buildings from Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Denver, and Cheyenne, Wyoming. 


March's Free Presentation

March 12, 2015
Refreshments at 6:45 pm, Presentation at 7:00 pm
Philip S. Miller Library
100 S. Wilcox St. Castle Rock, Co. 80104
Join us during Woman’s History Month for a presentation from Shaun Boyd on the Woman of Douglas County.

March's Calendar

  • March 12, 2015 - Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum's Monthly Presentation

Coming in April

  • April 9, 2015 - A presentation from Karen Kidd on the history of the American Federation of Human Rights. 

  • Visit for future exhibits and events.

- THE 5 W's

Do you know about this present day historical location?
Come into the museum for the answers to these questions.

Last months photo was of the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad Depot in 1950. Sheriff Hammond is the gentleman on the left. This photograph was taken by the Denver Police. 

- History Corner


In the early 1800's the trail route that went through Russellville was known as "Trappers Trail" and was frequented by the plains Indians and mountain men. In 1858 three brothers, Levi, Oliver, and William Green Russell along with a group of Cherokee Indians were heading on that same trail, then known as "Cherokee Trail", to a more northern area where they had previously found gold in 1950 when a member of their party stopped to pan a creek and found gold. The William Russell Party only stayed long enough to give the oldest settlement in Douglas County a name, then moved west into the foothills in 1859 and discovered gold in Russell Gulch. However, the finding of gold in Russellville fueled the gold fever taking over the nation and at one point over 1,000 people were living in a tent city in Russellville, but as the gold became sparse most of the population moved west. The people who stayed were mainly from the south and began ranching. When the Civil War broke out in 1861 the sympathies of the Russellville settlers were mostly with the Confederates and it has been rumored that Russellville was advertised as a place to enlist and train for the Confederacy. Over 3,000 artifacts were discovered in the area in the 1990's including .22 cal. bullets, .58 and .69 Minie ball bullets, .44 cal. pistol ammo, tobacco tags, civilian and military metal buttons, mule, horse, and oxen shoes, and an assortment of fencing wire. The history of Russellville  begins as a spot on a well traveled trail, is known as the oldest settlement in Douglas County, and continues with the discovery of thousands of artifacts tying the area to the Civil War. 


- Historical Society News

Castle Rock Historical Society Board

President - Dorothy Kelly
Vice President - Shaun Boyd
Secretery - Fleta Nockles
Education - Guy Mordeaux
Fundraising - Sandy Schenecker

Treasurer - Jim Allamian

-In Our Community

Commemorative Brick Courtyard 

The courtyard at the Castle Rock Museum is continuing to expand, stop by and purchase your own commemorative brick for yourself, a loved one, a business, or even your most cherished animal companion. 

First Annual 4 Mile Run

We are so excited to announce that in the fall we will be hosting "Run 4 the Rails"!! A 4 mile run with proceeds going toward the restoration of a newly acquired tool shed that was an original part of the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad in Castle Rock.


The Story Behind the Tool Shed

Back in 1938 when Andy Rudolph's father Bill was named section foreman for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad I'm sure Andy didn't imagine that 76 years later he himself would still be involved with the railroad. We had the blessing of meeting Andy and his wife Kiyoko on September 12, 2014 when they were visiting his boyhood town and stopped into the museum. After spending a couple of hours reminiscing about growing up in Castle Rock and sharing stories of his childhood we learned that Andy's father had moved an old shed that was once the tool house for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot to their family residence sometime in the mid 1950's. With Andy's family still owning the property and the tool house we were very interested when he spoke of having the over 70 year old shed demolished. After some thinking, phone calls, emails, and several visits to the old shed, Andy agreed to donate the building to the museum. What better location to move it to than next to the museum which also happens to be the the old depot for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. After being moved at least three times by the railroad before 1955 and then again by Bill Rudolph, the shed was raised, loaded on a trailer and brought to what we hope will be it's  final location. After getting the D & RG tool house moved to the museum to escape demolition, we have learned a few things. One, the shed itself was a wooden boxcar re-purposed by the railroad,  two, you move an old boxcar 2 inch's at a time, and three, 70 year old boxcars need some restoration...  

- In the Gift Shop

Looking for unique gift? Come down to the Castle Rock Museum's gift shop for all your historic Castle Rock and Douglas County gifts. We are stocked in 2015 calendars, Robert L. Lowenberg's book "CASTLE ROCK A Grass Roots History", a handful of children's railroad themed toys, and a limited number of local Castle Rock postcards. 

New to the gift shop at the Castle Rock Museum

"Chronicles of Douglas County Colorado"

Join the Castle Rock Writers for a journey through the history of this land and the diverse legacy left behind by those who made it their home.


Along with these popular titles...

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Recycle - Save those aluminum cans!! A HUGE thank you to those who have been donating cans!!

The museum collects and recycles aluminum cans to raise money for matching grants. Bring those cans to the museum and use the green container next to the bathroom. Aluminum cans only please. Anything else will be removed by the recycling company. Help the environment and raise a little money for the museum. 

Lionel Oberlin, the first Director of the Castle Rock Museum, has moved to Seattle to be near his daughter, Wendy. You can send all letters through his daughter Wendy at, 
4015 Wallingford Ave N.
Seattle, Wa. 98103-8218 
I am sure he would love to get a card from his many old friends.

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