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Now open.......


A new exhibit about the history of the 
Denver & Rio Grande Railway


Come learn about the history of the Denver & Rio Grande Railway and walk on the same floor so many folks did over 140 years ago.

The Montezuma - the engine that powered the first train through       Castle Rock.

June's Presentation Program


June 9, 2016
Refreshments at 6:45 pm, Presentation at 7:00 pm
Philip S. Miller Library
100 S. Wilcox St. Castle Rock, CO  80104

Join us on Thursday, June 9, 2016 for a presentation by Historic Douglas County, Inc. about the history of Douglas County called "In the Beginning". Speakers will include Jim Weglarz, Tim Weber, Larry Schlupp and Blake Graham. 


For more information contact the Castle Rock Museum

June's Calendar

  • June 9, 2016  -  Monthly presenation by Historic Douglas County, Inc.
  • June 25, 2016  -  Walking tour of Downtown Castle Rock.  Meet at the Courtyard on Perry between 3rd & 4th at 10:30am.
Visit for more information on upcoming presentations and exhibits at the museum.

  • July 14, 2016  -  Ice Cream Social is in planning stage. 
  • July 23, 2016 - Walking tour of Historic Castle Rock.  The tour begins at the Courtyard on Perry Street at 10:30am.
History Corner
In the 1950's the only place you found swings and merry-go-rounds in Castle Rock was at the Cantril Elementary school yard.  A swimming pool? No way! So, where did kids play?  On "the Rock", of course.  The whole mountain, including the rock on top was my playground.

One of the activities we fellas played was cowboys and indians or maybe war.  The idea was a couple of us would leave the house and head up to "the Rock".  Approximately 15 minutes later the other 2 of us would head up the mountain too, of course, find them and shootum'.  Our weapons of choice might be either a good ole' Roy Rogers cap pistol or maybe an old wooden rifle of some sort.  The whole idea really, was to locate them, sneak up on them and "capture" them before they saw you.

One day, I was in pursuit of Gary.  As I was working my way up the hillside, hiding behind small boulders and bushes, I saw Gary come flying over the rock, landing on his feet and starting to run downhill.  Now, rule one of all childhood rules states that when one boy starts running, all the other boys must begin running also, even if they have no idea why.  So the other three of us started running too, as Gary had already passed us without a "Howdy Do".

Catching Gary was impossible, but we were able to keep him in sight.  He was headed home.  When we got to his house he was no where to be seen, so we walked into the house.  We yelled his name but got no response, checked the bathroom and then headed for his bedroom.  We found him sitting on the floor next his bed.  He was breathing hard and his face was white as a sheet.

Finally, he calmed down and explained. When he had squatted down behind the rock he felt a movement under his rear end.  Looking down between his legs he saw a rattlesnake coiled up, sleeping right between his feet, so over the rock he flew.

When all of us had finally calmed down we asked Gary if he had been bitten.  He didn't know, so his older borther, had him drop his drawers to see if any fang marks could be seen.  None were found, so we decided he hadn't been bitten by the snake.  A comment was then made about slicing the wound and sucking the poison out.  Nervous laughter began rolling around the group as we started to calm down.

If memory serves me right, at least one day passed before we headed back up on "the Rock" for a new adventure.  Fear at that age lasted only a short time.

John E. Berry
Castle Rock Native


Artifact of the Month

Rifle - great for defending against rattle snakes.

Tea Anyone?

Thank you to everyone who came to the 1st Victoria's Tea.  It was a great success, so look for the 2nd Annual Tea next year.  You have a whole year to pick out a new hat for the event.

TrolleyTours were a hit.....

Despite the cloudy weather, it was a great day for the trolley tours.  We even had record number of riders.

Another school came to visit......

Thank you to all 82 people (kids & adults) from Rock Ridge Elementary for stopping in to visit the museum.  Thank you to Guy Mordeaux and Dorothy Kelly for volunteering to help.

- THE 5 W's

Do you know about this present
day historical location?

Last Month's Photo

The Hammar House: 203 Cantril Street
This gothic revival style house was built in 1881 by Benjamin Hammar who was known as a stone mason, sheep rancher and one of the original owners of the Colorado Stone Company.

Membership Update

Membership renewals have been sent out for the 1st and 2nd quarters of the year.  Please consider continuing to support the CRHS with your membership if you haven't done so already.  Thank you to all those who have renewed.
     Student - $10.00
     Individual - $20.00
     Family - $35.00
     Lifetime - $150.00
     Lifetime Family - $250.00

If you haven't visited the museum lately, please come by and see the permanent and ever changing displays.  You might learn something new or even teach us something new.

Thank you from all of us at the Castle Rock Historical Society.

Future Program Ideas

We could use your input on planning future field trips for the CRHS.  We have some ideas and would like to know if people would be interested in visiting these sights:


               Santa Fe Rhyolite Quarry

               Castlewood Canyon

                Lamb Spring Archaeological Site

                Union Station


Please contact the Castle Rock Museum at to let us know if these trips sound interesting.  Also, we'd like to know if you have any other suggestions for places to visit.

- Historical Society News

Castle Rock Historical Society Board

The Castle Rock Historical Society Board meets the second Monday of each month.  Meetings are held at the Castle Rock Museum at 5:15pm. All Historical Society members are welcome to attend.

President - Dorothy Kelly
Vice President - Cindy Malone
Secretary -  Lynette McNairy
Treasurer - Jim Allamian 
Education - Guy Mordeaux
Events and Fundraising - Open
Historian - Open
Asst. Sec./Treas. - Suzie Perry

Looking for something to do?  We have just the thing for you.  There are a few open positions on the Historical Society Board.  Please consider joining this wonderful group.


Thank you to Mary Lou & Kent Brandebery for providing refreshments for the 
monthly presentation.

If you would like to volunteer for refreshments for August, please call the museum 303-814-3164.

Volunteer Opportunities

Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum

Member Meeting Refreshments – Sign up to bring and/or coordinate members to bring refreshments to membership meetings. Cookies and drinks are all that is required, but your inspirations would be great too.  The Society holds monthly program meetings for the benefit of its members.

Tour Planner and Organizer – The society and museum plan visits to local sites related to exhibits at the museum or tours to sites of interest to the historically minded.  Past trips have included an historic tour of Denver, tours to local rhyolite quarry sites, tours to interesting sites around Douglas County,  a tour of Glen Eyre (home of Gen William Palmer) and others.   A Tour planner would arrange for several tours a year and serve as host for the tour.

Historic Marker Manager – The Historical Society has initiated the Historic Marker Program in Castle Rock.  A local site with an interesting history has a metal plaque with a QR code (readable by a smart phone) with information and pictures about the history of the property.  Twenty markers have been placed thus far.  More locations certainly qualify.  The manager would keep current markers up to date and work to add sites to the program.

Docent – The museum can use docents to cover for vacation time for museum staff.  Docents conduct tours of the museum.  A great way to increase your knowledge about Castle Rock and meet interesting people at the same time.  Volunteer for as little as two hour commits.

-In Our Community

  • There are 3 open seats on the Town Preservation Board for anyone interested in preserving Castle Rock's history.

  • The museum is asking if anyone has any old copies of the Castle Rock Journal newspaper or other local newspapers from 1875.   Please contact the museum if you would be willing to let us take a look at the papers.

Commemorative Brick Courtyard 

The courtyard at the Castle Rock Museum is continuing to expand, stop by and purchase your own commemorative brick for yourself, a loved one, a business, or even your most cherished animal companion. 

- In the Gift Shop

Looking for a unique gift? Come down to the Castle Rock Museum's gift shop for all your historic Castle Rock and Douglas County gifts. We are stocked in 2016 calendars, Robert L. Lowenberg's book "CASTLE ROCK: A Grass Roots History,"  and other books about local history.  Also, a handful of children's railroad themed toys, and a limited number of local Castle Rock postcards.

You can now support CRHS by shopping on Amazon!!

Do you shop on Amazon?  A lot of people do.  So, how's about you help out the CRHS by going to when you do you're online shopping.

You’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to the CRHS. To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device, search and select Castle Rock Historical Society and begin shopping and supporting CRHS. 

Recycle - Save those aluminum cans!! 

The museum collects and recycles aluminum cans to raise money for matching grants. Bring those cans to the museum and use the green container next to the bathroom. Aluminum cans only please. Anything else will be removed by the recycling company. Help the environment and raise a little money for the museum.
Many thanks to those who have already contributed!

Mission: The Castle Rock Historical Society operates the Castle Rock museum, celebrates, educates, and brings together people interested in the preservation of the heritage of the Castle Rock, Colorado area.
Support the Castle Rock Historical Society. Join as a member, make a donation, or sell an item on eBay.

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Opportunities to Contribute

You know we need you!! Thank you to those who help with hands, time and money. Whatever your skill is, it can help the community in your historical little town of Castle Rock.
To find out how you can help email .

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