Thanks to all who attended our Open House last Thursday!

On Thursday, October 29, 2015, TxDOT and the Mobility Authority held the sixth open house for the Oak Hill Parkway project at Covington Middle School. Over 155 members of the public attended to learn more about and provide comments on the project.

If you missed the meeting, or want to review the materials at your convenience, please visit our VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE.

This virtual experience provides all the materials, exhibits, and information that were presented at the in-person open house.

We hope this Virtual Open House will enable you to explore the exhibits and submit your comments and questions wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you!


What We Heard

  • Continue to provide artistic renderings of the project as they help stakeholders visualize the proposed designs
  • Provide information to residents about local access to the roadway, i.e. how someone can get from their house to the HEB at the Y with Alternative A and Alternative C
  • Add “number of trees” as an evaluation parameter unit for the vegetation impacts section of the phase three evaluation criteria matrix
  • Consider bicycle/pedestrian safety in the phase three evaluation criteria matrix
  • Build the project as soon as possible
  • Consider other financing mechanisms than toll financing
  • Provide local data about toll diversion on area toll roads, i.e. the number of cars on tolled lanes vs. the number of cars on the adjacent non-tolled lanes
  • Consider a redesign to keep the project at ground level instead of elevated for one half-mile (Alternative A) or one mile (Alternative C)
  • Provide information about which alternative costs more
  • Study noise impacts for residents adjacent to US 290 or SH 71, especially those living in the Ridgeview Neighborhood near Circle Drive
  • Increase public engagement with commuters who use the corridor in order to gather their input
  • Provide information on proposed drainage operations in the depressed lanes at the US 290 and SH 71 area with Alternative A
  • Consider other transit modes to the Oak Hill area, such as rail
  • Study safety concerns west of the project area due to the proposed removal of the traffic signal at Circle Drive/Southview Road at US 290
  • Provide clarification about what all the No Build, or do nothing, Alternative entails
In addition, attendees generally stated their support for the local access proposed in the current designs. There was also a general preference from attendees for Alternative A over Alternative C.

All comments submitted during this open house comment period and their responses will be published as part of the Comment and Response Summary Report. This report will be released to the public via the website in the months following the open house.

We Still Need Your Input!

TxDOT and the Mobility Authority are committed to identify a long-term mobility solution that provides meaningful traffic relief for Oak Hill and the surrounding communities. We are in year three of a four-year study, and we continue to need your input!


We have a community survey that you can fill out online here. This survey takes a deeper dive into getting your feedback on the open house exhibits as well as your thoughts for future issue-specific public workshops.


We welcome your comments! Community input has had a meaningful impact on the project design to date. Your participation in meetings, workshops and open houses has made significant improvements to the proposed alternatives.

You can provide your comments in the following ways:

  • Contact Us Online
  • Mail your comments to this address: TxDOT Austin District Environmental Coordinator, Texas Department of Transportation, P.O. Drawer 15426, Austin, Texas, 78761-5426
  • Fax your comments to 512-832-7157

Your comments must be received by Nov. 9, 2015 to be included in the official record of this open house.

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