Thanks to all who attended

our open house last Tuesday! 

The project team provided a more detailed design of Build Alternatives A and C in draft schematic format as well as artistic renderings of the intersection at the “Y”.

Here’s a quick review of some of the key things we heard:

  • There was a lot of support for the proposed shared use paths (12 foot path for bicycle and pedestrians) and the sidewalks proposed in both Alternatives A and C.
  • Many people wanted to know more about how they would be able to access local businesses. For example, there were LOTS of questions about getting to and from Starbucks and HEB.  We heard support for the multiple Texas U-turns (Texas Turnarounds) throughout the project and the removal of the light at McDonalds in Alternative C.
  • Supporters of Alternative A like that the mainlanes are depressed (lower than the frontage roads) and thought that might create less noise and visual impacts for adjacent neighborhoods.
  • Supporters of Alternative C felt it would be constructed faster because there would less digging and thought it would be easier to build additional lanes in the future if needed.
  • Supporters liked that both Alternatives A and C separate local neighborhood traffic from high speed traffic allowing for more efficient traveling around Oak Hill and through Oak Hill into Dripping Springs or Austin.
  • Some expressed concerns about flooding, roadway lighting and potentially negative visual impacts due to elevated structures being built over the westbound frontage roads near William Cannon in Alternative C
  • We heard that supporters liked that both Alternatives A and C protected the Grandmother Oak, did not channelize Williamson Creek and weren’t taller the Austin Pizza Garden. The team was encouraged to preserve and restore the natural beauty of the area through the Context Sensitive Solutions process.

We invite you to look at the artistic renderings, the schematics and other exhibits that were shown at the open house at our Virtual Open House on, which will be up until January 30. And after you download and review those items, please be sure to fill out our Community Survey and give us your official comments on our "Contact Us" page, so we can capture your thoughts about the Oak Hill Parkway!

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