October 29, 2018

Expressway News

Upgrade Your Toll Road Commute with a Tag

Qualified Veterans Ride Toll-Free with a Tag, New Payment Options to Enhance Customer Experience

For all drivers who travel our roadways, we are about to upgrade your experience. Qualified veterans will soon be able to have their tolls waived under our new Qualified Veteran Discount Program, and all customers will benefit as we evolve the Pay By Mail process to be more customer-friendly and offer more payment options. But getting a tag remains the simplest way to benefit.


The Mobility Authority is proud to offer the Qualified Veteran Discount Program to recognize and honor the service of the brave men and women who have served our country. Under the program, which was authorized by the Board of Directors at the July 25 meeting, participating qualified veterans who have an electronic toll tag may drive toll-free on 183A Toll, 290 Toll, and the 71 Toll Lane.
The program takes effect Nov. 1 and is available to disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Legion of Valor or Medal of Honor recipients. Qualified veterans that wish to participate are required to register with the Mobility Authority in advance of using the toll roads via the online portal. Once registered, qualified veterans will receive a confirmation e-mail within 10 business days, confirming program enrollment and completing the registration process. The pilot program will be in effect through December 2021 unless reauthorized to continue by the Mobility Authority Board.
Participation is limited to one license plate per veteran, and that vehicle must be associated with a qualified license plate and electronic toll tag account (TxTag, EZ TAG, TollTag, K-Tag, PIKEPASS or BancPass). Acceptance into the program requires that all outstanding tolls incurred prior to November 1 are paid in full.
Under Texas law, toll authorities are allowed to offer discounted or waived tolls for certain classes of veterans—disabled veterans, Purple Heart recipients, and Legion of Valor or Medal of Honor recipients.
“While the Mobility Authority relies on toll revenue rather than taxing authority to deliver mobility solutions for Central Texas, we are pleased to be able to offer this program to veterans who have served our country,” says Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein of the Mobility Authority Board of Directors.             

Veterans should note that toll charges incurred on the MoPac Express Lane will not be waived under this program, as the variable toll pricing model is key to congestion management, and operation of the lane would otherwise break down. Once constructed and open to traffic, the SH 45SW and 183 South toll roads will be added to the Qualified Veteran Discount Program offering even more options for our qualified veterans to drive toll-free in the region.
For more information on the Qualified Veteran Discount Program, visit


We’re in the process of evolving our billing practices to benefit all of our customers—even those without a tag. As we transition to a new Pay By Mail vendor to process customer payments, drivers will have more options than ever to suit varied customer needs. It’s part of our commitment to uphold the high standard of quality we know our customers deserve.

In addition, we are undertaking a multi-phased effort to improve our customer services and billing practices, including redesigning our toll payment website for ease of use, redesigning customer bills to make them easier to read and understand, and adding in-person cash payment options for those who prefer to pay their tolls in cash. We are also making the process account-based, rather than statement-based. By assigning customers account numbers, this will make it easier for drivers to review and resolve their toll charges for a given time period in a streamlined manner, rather than on an individual toll charge basis. Customers will now also have a new option to open a registered, prepaid account that functions similarly to a tag account (like TxTag), where tolls for Mobility Authority roads are automatically deducted from the customer’s linked account. No more waiting for the bill in the mail, and all activity is recorded in your account profile. Stay tuned for more information in our next newsletter edition about the new payment process and what you need to know about the transition!

Did You Know that electronic toll tags (TxTag, TollTag, EZ TAG, K-TAG, PIKEPASS or BancPass) are the simplest, most cost-effective way to pay your tolls, regardless of how frequently or infrequently you use toll roads? Electronic tags are accepted on all Texas toll roads— the ones we operate, as well as those operated by other entities. This means you don’t have to worry about learning who operates which toll roads, and you can stop worrying about checking your mailbox for a toll bill or writing a check. Charges are automatically deducted from your linked account, and you save on tolls across Texas. With a tag, you can drive toll roads as often or as seldom as you like, and bypass the hassle of bill payment as well as traffic congestion. 
Q: Is TxTag the only electronic toll tag, or are there other tag options?
A: There are multiple tag-based options that are accepted in all toll lanes that display the TxTag logo. These include the North Texas Tollway Authority’s TollTag, Harris County Toll Road Authority’s EZ TAG, the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s K-TAG, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s PIKEPASS, and the cash reloadable BancPass Pluspass tag option. While each tag works slightly differently, the concept is such that drivers set up a pre-paid account from which their tolls are automatically deducted. The balance is automatically replenished at varying balance thresholds when drivers enroll in autopay. Pre-payment options are available with most tags. 

Q: What if I don’t want to pre-pay my tolls or want to close out my account balance?
A: Paying tolls through a tag account is similar to using a pre-paid phone card or gift card. You can close your account any time and have your remaining balance refunded. Drivers who prefer not to pre-pay or maintain a minimum balance should explore the cash-reloadable BancPass Pluspass option, which allows customer to choose the replenishment threshold and has no minimum balance requirements. 

Q: I hardly ever use toll roads, why would I need a tag?
A: You don’t have to be a daily, weekly, or even monthly toll road user to benefit from a tag. When you need a reliable route to your destination and choose the toll road to bypass congestion, it pays to have a tag. Not only do you save money by paying reduced toll rates, you save yourself the trouble of checking your mailbox for your paper bill, and having to worry about late fees, fines, or postage. 

Q: Are there online account management options?
A: Yes. Not only can you order whichever tag option you prefer online, you can set up and manage your account online, or through the in-person options made available by each vendor. Several tag options even have mobile applications through which you can manage your account.

Q: Is there a catch? What is the downside to getting a tag?
A: Paying tolls with a tag is simpler than paying through the Pay By Mail program. Your only responsibility as a customer is ensuring that you actively manage your account. This means keeping your address up to date if you move, updating any credit card information and expiration dates, and proactively replenishing your balance if you choose not to enroll in autopay. The vendor takes care of the rest. Some tag issuers even options to receive text message alerts when you have a low balance, credit card decline, or credit card expiration. 

Q: What if I want to be in control of adding money to my tag account?
The BancPass Pluspass is a pay-as-you go, cash reloadable prepaid option. It differs from the traditional tags in that the customer decides when to reload their account, rather than being subject to an automatic replenishment from their bank account/credit card when the low balance threshold is triggered. You can download the app and pay by credit card.