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June 1, 2021


The industry concept of “Connected Communities” refers to both the physical and digital connection of residents through road, vehicle, and tolling technology. It’s a field that has grown rapidly in the last decade and continues to develop in complexity and capabilities.

We pride ourselves on being early adopters of these innovative advancements, continuing our long-standing position in the industry as a leader in emerging mobility technology. Our latest partnership with Waycare Technologies, Inc. is one such example of this commitment.

With Waycare’s technology, the Mobility Authority is implementing an advanced transportation and incident management/prediction system. This technology uses data from connected vehicles and advanced roadway sensors to detect traffic incidents in real-time, increasing roadway safety and improving response times.

Using machine learning, the system communicates with our Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Center, alerting personnel to potential crashes and hazards. Waycare is now able to integrate real-time connected vehicle data from approximately 1 out of every 10 vehicles along roadways. These alerts are verified by TIM Center personnel via cameras on the roadways and emergency responders are notified.

Waycare’s technology is also able to predict where and when traffic incidents are likely to occur. This allows our agency to concentrate on specific areas for mitigation efforts and provides insight into potential areas for operational improvements.

Both our region and our industry are changing rapidly, but one thing remains certain: our community is what drives us. Partnerships like these help us leverage technology to keep our roadways safe and improve regional resiliency.

In response to Covid-19, Central Texans are reassessing their personal and business travel needs, choices and habits. The Mobility Authority would like your help to understand how your travel behaviors may have changed. Your participation will help us plan and prioritize programs and projects to meet future mobility needs for Central Texas. 

Respondents who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of ten $100 gift cards or one of 50 $10 gift cards.



After a long year, Central Texas is reemerging to sunny Texas weather and hitting the road. Last month’s toll transactions have surpassed pre-pandemic levels and continue to increase. With more people back on the roads, it’s especially important to drive safely. Follow these tips to keep you and fellow drivers safe:

Obey the Speed Limit. 
Make sure you keep an eye on the posted speed limit and don’t rush. Speeding does not substantially decrease the time it takes to reach your destination during most short trips, but it does significantly raise accident risk.

Reduce Distractions.
That text, call, song, or breakfast taco can wait until you arrive at your destination.

Avoid erratic or aggressive driving behavior. 
This includes swerving, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the right, and accelerating or braking suddenly. Rapidly switching lanes to try to get ahead of the traffic is very dangerous as other drivers can't predict those actions.

Keep Calm. 
Rising tension and anger can often cause drivers to behave in ways they would not ordinarily consider. When you find yourself annoyed or irritated on the road, take steps to calm yourself down so that you can reach your destination safely.

Avoid Reckless Drivers. 
You cannot stop another driver from behaving recklessly, nor should you use your vehicle to attempt to control the other driver’s behaviors. Get out of the way or find a safe spot to pull off the road, if needed. Put distance between you and the reckless driver to increase your safety.
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June marks two-years since the opening of the 45SW Toll Road. The Mobility Authority established this new connection delivering much-needed congestion relief for southwest Travis County and northern Hays County commuters.

Not only is the road an industry-leading model for environmentally responsible roadway construction, it was the first in the region to feature wrong-way driving technology, detecting wrong-way entrants and deploying countermeasures to notify drivers and first responders of potential incidents. The 45SW Toll Road and project team received multiple industry awards—a testament to the high standard of quality that guided the development of this innovative project.

Beyond these achievements, the roadway also features a 4.5-mile long shared use path from MoPac and Escarpment Boulevard to FM 1626, the 45SW Trail. Along the trail you’ll find 14 interpretive signs covering the rich history and natural wonders of the Hill Country and Edwards Aquifer. The trail experience is further enhanced by our Trail Explorer by CTRMA phone app (free in the Android Play Store and Apple App Store) which allows users to trigger six hidden augmented reality experiences and audio narrations. Users can watch a prehistoric sea creature animate in life-size form right before their eyes, witness the majesty of a towering Live Oak Tree as it grows from the ground up and much more. The app also includes GPS guidance to help users navigate the trail and alert them to upcoming experiences.

We’re celebrating the second full year of the 45SW Toll and Trail with a #CTRMATrails Giveaway!  Head to our Facebook or Twitter page to enter to win some goodies, perfect for a visit to the 45SW Trail. 
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