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Newsletter, February 2012

New feature: Christians in Turkey

At the beginning of World War One, Christians still made up 20 percent of the population in Turkey. Syriac Orthodox Christians are estimated at about 20,000, the majority living in Istanbul and the Tur Abdin plateau on the border with Syria. A new feature by Michele Borzoni here.

People of Santerno book

On October 2011 we were commissioned by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Imola to produce a series of portraits of the people living in the Santerno river valley.
We worked on the project until the past summer and the resulting book is now available. View the book here.

Latest tearsheets

- Tobacco industry on Private by Rocco Rorandelli.
- Trieste on L'Espresso and Internazionale by Michele Borzoni.

The italian editorial world and photocollectives

In 2011, Rocco was invited to talk at a conference on "The General Assembly on photography in Italy", which was held in Milan, at the Forma, from the 18th to 20th of March. In that occasion, Rocco decided to carry on a survey among Italian photoeditors and photocollectives about the present and future of the editorial world and the relationship between actors.
See the results here.

NoNoise at Ego gallery

Pietro's exhibition, NoNoise at Ego Galley in Zurich will be on view untill March, 10th.

Workshop in Saint Petersburg with Hasselblad

First edition – 14-21 July 2012

The first edition of the workshop will be a one week full immersion into visual exploration of Saint Petersburg. The intention is to communicate to the students a particular photographic vision, and to offer an alternative way to explore the city during the White Nights.

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