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Newsletter, October 2012

Tales from Caracas

Pietro followed the electoral campaign and the election days in Caracas, see a gallery here.

Land Inc.

"Land Inc. - the global fight for land control", is our latest collective project. In 2012 we started investigating the drivers, the trends, the mechanisms and the impacts of land acquisitions across the world: the first 4 chapters are BrazilEthiopiaThe Philippines and Ukraine.


Land Inc. on Newsweek Japan by TerraProject.
Electoral campaign in Caracas on Internazionale by Pietro Paolini.
Loft generation on Io Donna by P. Paolini and R. Rorandelli.

Bolivianas in La Seyne su Mer festival

"Bolivianas" by Pietro Paolini will be exhibited at Festival de photographies à La Seyne - sur - Mer (FRANCE) from 29th of September to 4th November. It will also be presented a selection of his work in Brazil part of the "Land inc." project.


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