Working together in Rushmoor

The Pond

The Queen Elizabeth Pond, otherwise known as ornamental pond was originally dug as an overflow catchment but is now a loved feature of the park and provides drinking water for small mammals and birds. It is vital for the life cycles of local wildlife that the pond is operational so that biodiversity can continue. 

The pond is situated within the Mayfield and Grange ward in Farnborough and is a popular place for local families, students and dog walkers. Rushmoor Borough Council own and manage this 24 acre woodland area which was once part of Farnborough Hill estate and formally the outer reaches of the Royal Windsor Great Park. Ponds are extremely valuable and need to be maintained and protected to last. CMP and local companies are delighted to be able to contibute and help keep this valuable resource going. 

Local employees re-silt pond 

The Queen Elizabeth Pond in Farnborough was the setting for a great day of volunteering yesterday as individuals from local companies got together to re-clay the pond, helping to make it operational once again. 

The project pulled together a range of local partners who donated time, resource and materials to make this happen. Our thanks go to: 
  • James Emmett, from the Basingstoke Canal Authority for sourcing the clay, water pump and generator; 
  • Steve Bailey, from the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership for providing waders and life jackets and the use of their pick up trailer for transporting the clay; 
  • Jenny from Site Equip Ltd who donated the use of a portaloo through their Loos R Us company; 
  • Jake Rokall from Country Care Southern Limited for the donation and driving of the digger; 
  • Darren and Marcus from the Village Hotel who drove all the way to Nottingham to collect a Winnebago bus for volunteers to use as a base on the day.
Sarah Williams of CMP worked with Paul Howe of Rushmoor Borough Councils Biodiversity team to plan and execute this fantastic project! 

Well done everyone involved in this project for making a difference to the local area. The final phase of the project will take place in October when volunteers will plant and restore the surrounding area of the pond leaving a great local resource for the public to enjoy for the future. 

Giving Back

Pictured above: Sarah Williams of CMP, Marcus Enderson of the Village Hotel and Katy Marlow from TAG Farnborough Airport take a break from removing debris, digging silt and extracting water from the pond!! 


The photo above features: Marcus Enderson and Darren Sibbald of the Village Hotel. Joel Marshall, Katherine Portman and Henry Hale from CSC. Abdul Shan from First Wessex, Katy Marlow from TAG Farnborough Airport and Paul Howe from Rushmoor Borough Council who spent the day working as a team to restore the pond. 


CMP would like to thank the volunteers pictured above for helping us to bring this pond back to working order. We are hugely grateful for their hard graft, time and dedication to this project. They have left the pond with a new clay bottom in preparation for the final phase of planting and renewing the park benches to give this area a final lift, ensuring it is a great resource for public (and wildlife) use. 
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