Plone News for the month of August


Issue #6

Welcome to the Plone Newsletter where on or about the beginning of each month we send you the previous month’s news and upcoming events from around the world. This month we hit two Team milestones.

The Documentation Team launched 4 months ago. Now they need your feedback. Let them know how the docs are working for you by taking the survey. This also marks the 6th issue of the Plone Newsletter, published by the Communications Team, and we want to know what you think about it. Links to the Docs survey and to leave comments about the Newsletter are below under "Announcements."

As summer comes to a close for some of us and winter for others, may the next season bring joy, good fortune, and more Plone! 


Upcoming Events

Berlin Plone Social Sprint, Sept 8–12, Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum at the Humboldt-Universität - Berlin
PyDDF Python Sprint 2014: Sept. 27–28, Düsseldorf, Germany
Plone Conference 2014: Oct 27 – Nov 2; Bristol, UK
Alpine City Sprint; Jan 21–25, 2015; Innsbruck, Austria


Feedback on the Plone Documentation
The Plone Documentation Team is looking to make the docs more accessible and easy to use. Please take a few minutes and complete this short survey.

Plone Newsletter Feedback
After 6 months, you must have some thoughts, let us know!

Announcing the Plone Conference 2015 Selection Process
The Plone Foundation is soliciting proposals for hosting the 2015 Plone Conference. The selection process is beginning in plenty of time this year in order to allow final selection of the conference venue to occur during the 2014 Plone Conference.

Plone Foundation Welcomes Four
Víctor Fernández de Alba, Max Jakob, Alexander Loechel, and Tânia Andrea Moreira join the Plone Foundation.

@pycon: Pleased to welcome The Plone Foundation as a @PyCon 2015 Community Sponsor – Thanks!

Add-ons and Customizations

VNCportal - Powered by Plone
he VNCportal is the center of your corporate communication, collaboration and information sharing. It integrates seamlessly with the VNC Cloud Applications - providing an unparalleled feature set that enables you to work together closely, efficiently and productively.

Assorted Articles

prPIG Joins the Open Source Initiative
The Open Source Initiative ® (OSI), the premiere organization that promotes and protects open source, announced today that the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (prPIG) has joined the OSI as an Affiliate Member.

Against "contrib"
It's pretty common for an open source project to have a "contrib" directory as part of its project structure. This contains useful code donated to the project by outsiders. It seems innocuous. A contrib section, why not?

Announcing PlatoCDP, a Plone Distribution for Enterprises
Announcing the first release of PlatoCDP Plone distribution. A Plone distribution with the goal of attempting to build a more supportable, enterprise-ready, document management and content management  solution for government and enterprises. The ideal aim is to develop improvements on the distribution so that it will be a viable alternative to Sharepoint.

Lessons Learned on How Not to Run an Open Source Company
Back when I co-founded Inigo, one of my primary motivation was to create an Open Source company which...

Plone Intranet Front End
While many people are still enjoying the beach, we're already gearing up to accelerate design and development for Plone Intranet this fall.

Learning Resources

How to Add or Change Your Site's Portal Tabs
You can add, change, or remove portal tabs from your standard UW Oshkosh site, if you have Manager role (ie. are a member of the Administrators group).

Authentication Using Social Networks with Plone? It's Easy!
Authentication adds social value to our sites, but its implementation can be a considerable effort. Let's see how to deal with Plone!

"Mastering Plone" Documentation - A Great Online Resource
Recently, Philip Bauer and Patrick Gerken of took the outline from their Mastering Plone training and put it online as a training resource.

How to Clone a PloneFormGen Form Onto Another Site
There is a not-so-well known feature of PloneFormGen that lets you clone a form easily onto another site. (Cloning a form within the same site is easy via the Actions -> Copy and Actions -> Paste menu items).

How to Allow Downloading of PloneFormGen Saved Data
Getting around permission issues

Beware of Uppercase Letters in Your Config Files
We got a surprise using a [theme:parameters] variable in the manifest.cfg of one of our Diazo theme.

3 Useful Tools for Those Who Work with the Various DBMS
Here are some very useful tool for people like me who needs to interact with different DBMSs at the same time.

Plumi Intro & Theming Workshop
Markos Gogoulos of (major developers of Plumi for the last few years) will lead this workshop designed to bring programmers up to speed with the current state of the Plumi app, facilitated by Anna Helme of EngageMedia, who have project managed development of Plumi since its inception. The workshop will be held online via Skype.


Morepath 0.5(.1) and friends released!
I've just released a whole slew things of things, the most important is Morepath 0.5, your friendly neighborhood Python web framework with superpowers!

eGenix PyRun - One file Python Runtime 2.0.1 GA
eGenix is pleased to announce our new open-source eGenix PyRun - One file Python runtime 2.0.1 for Python 2.6, 2.7 and now also for Python 3.4.

New HTTP 1.1 RFCs versus WSGI
Recently new HTTP 1.1 RFCs were published that obsolete the old HTTP 1.1 RFCs. They are extensively rewritten.

Turbocharge Your Python Prompt and Django Shell with IPython Notebook
IPython is an enhanced Python shell, the shell being the prompt which appears when you start python command in your terminal. IPython comes with notebook flavour, where IPython Notebook presents the modern HTML-based shell for Python.


Netsight is Recruiting: SysAdmin
Based in the UK, we are one of Bristol's longest running web design and development firms. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate to build a successful career in web software systems administration, and work with a great local company.