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Kristy Owen testing out Dr. Fadde's app at the Tech Expo.  See below for more information.  See more photos.  
Saluki Idea Competition's Winning Ecolight team (Eric Sai, John Leco, Gene Park), with Tech Expo keynote Michael Marlaire.  See below for more information.  See more photos.


Event News

Technology and Innovation Expo



This year’s Technology and Innovation Expo started off with an agenda of fresh technology presenters, a stellar keynote, and a top-notch discussion panel, supported by a record number of event sponsors.  We boosted the energy level this year by adding the Saluki Idea Competition and a live webcast for remote audiences.   Throughout the day, 137 people joined the event in person and another 23 via the live webcast.

Read more about the technology presenters, discussion paneliststs, sponsors, and 2012 award winners below.

Technology Presenters

Faculty inventors share a glimpse into the latest advancements in their research and innovations at the Technology and Innovation Expo.  Click on the links below for more information about particular presentations.

Dr. Samir Aouadi Smart coatings for high temperature lubrication; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video Professor, Assitant Chair, SIU College of Science, Department of Physics
Dr. Gary Kinsel Brush-Polymer Modified MALDI Targets: Advanced Platforms for Proteomics and Medical Diagnostic Applications; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video Professor and Chair, SIU College of Science, Deparment of Chemistry
Dr. Ken Anderson "Green" routes to using coal - Making chemical feedstocks from coal by dissolution in water; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video Professor, SIU College of Science, Department of Geology
Founder and CTO, Thermaquatica Inc.
Dr. Peter Fadde Training Expert Perceptual and Decision Skills in High-Speed Performance; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video Associate Professor, SIU College of Education and Human Services, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Tomasz Wiltowski Novel Concept For Hydrogen And CO2 Separation From Syngas; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video Professor, SIU College of Engineering, Deparment of Mechanical Energy and Engineering Processes
Director, Coal Research 
Dr. Kathleen Campbell D-methionine (D-met) as a Protective Agent: From Bench to Bedside; PDFs: View Summary; View Presentation Slides; Watch Video SIU School of Medicine, Division of Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery
Cross appointed Department of Pharmacology
Member SIU Cancer Center

Discussion Panel


This year's Tech Expo Discussion Panel Topic was: Leveraging Knowledge and Technology Resources for Sustainable Prosperity.   Watch the video.

Moderator John Caupert introduced a variety of topics to unravel the many challenges involved  with technology development towards sustainable prosperity.  He defined the topic and discussed how the biofuels industry experienced early prosperity but is currently facing difficulties due to political unrest and market uncertainty.

Dr. Anderson discussed the need for sustained innovation and innovators to keep moving forward.  He also stated that one of the big challenges to achieving sustainable prosperity means changing our lifestyle without decreasing our standard of living.  

Ms. Gonzalez mentioned the need for sustainable policy, or a long-term view on what energy policy would be going forward.  She also said, "There is no one solution to sustainable prosperity.  It is going to take a plethora of technologies."  (That’s good news for technology transfer!)

Ms. McDonald discussed advanced technologies that are already being used in other countries, and that the US has been slow to adapt even when there is no decrease in standard of living.  She also discussed what she thought were advantages of our region, such as the Transportation Education Center, natural resources and a strong farming industry. 

The panel covered many issues including what communities and governments need to do or in some cases have already done in pursuit of sustainable prosperity, the advantages and disadvantages of subsidies to the development of technology, transforming our current infrastructure, and the importance of market forces and end-user perceptions.

More about the panelists:

  1. Moderator/Panelist: John Caupert, Director, National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center, SIU Alumnus
  2. Panelist: Victoria Gonzalez, Founding Member, Managing Partner, Nidus Investment Partners
  3. Panelist: Dr. Ken Anderson, Founder and CTO, Thermaquatica, Inc., SIU College of Science, Department of Geology
  4. Panelist: Shannon Sanders McDonald, AIA, Assistant Professor, SIU College of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Architecture




Many thanks to the Technology and Innovation sponsors.  We encourage you to visit their websites

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Reception Sponsor
Gold Sponsors
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Bronze Sponsors


Tech Expo Award Winners and Featured Tech Apps


Innovator of the Year: Lichang Wang

Featured Tech App: Using coal as a dye in solar cells (coal solar cells)

Coal solar cells offer a unique opportunity to utilize the compounds responsible for the black color in coal as the primary dye for photovoltaic cells.  Dyes currently in use are expensive and energy-intensive to synthesize, where our novel dye is plentiful, inexpensive, and appears to be just as effective.  We are able to use what nature provides us in its purified natural form.  The greatest potential benefit is a substantial cost reduction in the production of many types of solar cells.  Dr. Lichang Wang’s startup company, Masis Inc., is using computational chemistry to assist in identifying the optimal composition of the solar cell dye.


Inventor of the Year: Kathleen C.M. Campbell

Featured Tech App: D-methionine (D-met) as a protective agent against noise-induded hearing loss (NIHL)

A novel use of a compound known as D-met protects against hearing loss from exposure to excessive noise and from the effects of chemotherapy. Clinical trials have shown D-met to be highly effective against hearing loss when taken prior to or in some cases even after noise exposure.   NIHL is the leading cause of hearing loss worldwide, and currently no approved drugs exist to prevent it.  The market for novel hearing protection has been estimated at $1.9 billion per year by the Royal National Institute for Deaf People. 


Startup of the Year: Thermaquatica

Thermaquatica Inc. is making big strides in scaling up its oxidative hydrothermal dissolution (OHD) process.  Demonstration scale construction of an OHD reactor is underway at the Dunn Richmond Economic Development Center.  This reactor is the logical next step toward full-scale industrial production.  

OHD is a novel processing strategy for utilization of organic solids such as coal and biomass, for production of fuels and chemical feedstocks, with a minimal environmental footprint and essentially complete conversion of organic solids.  With continuing high prices of crude oil and need to reduce CO2 levels, it is an economical and efficient option for the chemical industry, which in the US alone produces more than $600 billion a year worth of products that appear in 96% of manufactured goods.


Student Startup of the Year: Rovertown hosts student discount programs at 68 insitutions covering over 1.4 million college students throughout the United States.  The company has built a team of representatives at universities across the nation via the innovative use of social media and cutting-edge tools like Google Hangouts. has a demonstrated return on investment as high as 43% for companies utilizing their advertising services.  


Saluki Idea Competition




The inaugural Saluki Idea Competition was launched at the beginning of the 2012 fall semester. The mission of the Saluki Idea Competition was to boost SIU Carbondale student and community involvement with innovative thinking and business development to address local and global challenges.  

Individual students and student-led teams competed for prizes by submitting commercially viable ideas related to this year’s competition theme: SUSTAINABILITY IN YOUR COMMUNITY. The first round of voting was online and open to the public. In the second round, the top five teams from round one gave brief “elevator pitch” presentations to a panel of distinguished judges at the Technology and Innovation Expo on October 19, 2012.  Scoring by the judges determined the winners. 

Thanks to everyone who voted online and our panel of judges: John McCalister, Entrepreneur in Residence, Nidus Investment Partners; Silvia Secchi, Assistant Professor, Agribusiness Economics; J Dennis Cradit, Dean, College of Business; Joey Mak, Acting Deputy Director, IL Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity; Blaine Tisdale, President, SIU GPSC. A detailed report of the competition from conception to lessons learned is available upon request.

To view the competition archive, photos and more, go to


Participating Teams


Campaign Name

Sustainability Category


Team Leader

A Special Daily; Innovation to Advertising

Waste/ Recycling


Robert R. Ford III, School of Journalism: Advertising/ Marketing

Data Stopper

Social Issues


Alex Glasnovich, IST

Dogs and PeePoo

Waste/ Recycling


Will Drover, Management (Doctoral Candidate)

Drive Green

Built Environment/ Transportation


Lin Lee, Master of Mechanical Engineering




Eric Sia, Industrial Design


Food/ Water


Garrett Hoemmen, Masters of Science in Agribusiness Economics

Intelligent Non-Destructive Evaluation System for Aircraft Composite Inspections



Anish Poudel, Ph.D. Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering)

Life At Southern: Discover Carbondale from the palm of your hand.

Social Issues


Jeremy Packer, Computer Science

Power Caulk Gun

Built Environment/ Transportation


Jeremy S. Koshak, Industrial Design

SAFE: Sustainable Alternative Fueled Environment



Richard Dietzler, Automotive Technology

Saluki Sustainable Store

Social Issues

Neighborhood/ Campus

Nick Ouellette, PSAS Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems Graduate Program

Why Waste It?

Waste/ Recycling


Christopher Hart, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Human Health


Garrett Adam Hoemmen, Masters in Agribusiness Economics




First place: EcoLight

EcoLight provides an environmentally sound option to replace existing street lamps located at well-trafficked areas such as corporate drives, school campus roads, and parking lots for commercial shopping centers. This product harnesses power through the combination of kinetic and solar energy, and converts it into sustainable electricity. Low-profile rumble strips are placed strategically in front of each lamp. Embedded into these strips are roadway-based energy harvesting systems. As a vehicle drives over the strips, the vehicle's energy is then stored into the storage system. In order for the light to run, the lamp will draw energy from the battery as needed, or power it directly. This lamp can be installed onto bases of existing lampposts. When properly wired it will have the ability to provide surplus electricity back into the power grid. A photovoltaic panel located on the top of each lamp provides additional backup power to the storage system. This redesigned lamp is self-contained, reducing additional materials necessary during installation.

Second Place: Saluki Sustainable Store

The Saluki Sustainable Store aims to foster an awareness of local goods available on campus and make these available to the Southern Illinois community under one roof. Saluki Sustainable Store is a place where the campus community can buy the currently grown fruits, vegetables, and meat and dairy products on campus. Items that could be sold are Saluki ice cream, meat products, student sustainable and organically grown vegetables, wine and table grapes, Southern Illinois’s best peaches and apples. All these items are sold currently or have the potential to be sold as “Saluki’s” own and make them more readily available to the campus community. Other items and activities on campus that should also be showcased in the store are plants, crafts, workshops, and campus activities. These items should be embraced and made more available to the public, and we can also educate our community on the current and future issues we face keeping these products available.

Honorable Mention:


Coming up Next

Plans are underway for the next contest which will coincide with the Research Town Meeting in April.  Stay tuned to this newsletter, the Tech Transfer website, Facebook page, Twitter feed or LinkedIn Group.  Find those links below in the Stay Connected section.


Patent News

Patent Filed

Title: Multi-Band Photodiode Sensor

SIU Inventor: Martin Hebel

Filed September 21, 2012

Notice of Allowance

Title: Analyte Sensor for the Detection and Identification of Analyte and a Method of Using

Inventor: Andrei Kolmakov

View technology description.


Title: Methods of Using Plants Containing the GDHA Gene

Inventors: David Lightfoot, Ahmad Fakhoury


Patent Issued

South Africa, Thermaquatica, Oxidative Hydrothermal Dissolution

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