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Where is Dart Energy seeking approval to explore for Gas next in Sydney?
They may have said they’re not drilling in St Peters but where are they drilling next? Will it be Eastern Creek, will it be Rosebery, will it be a waste bit of land near you? At the moment Dart is only saying where they’re not drilling but we need to know where they are seeking approval  -and what’s happening with the renewal of their licence. Can you help find out?
Can you help with one of these weekly tasks?

 1. To phone NSW Division of Resources and Energy once a week, ph. 8281 7777 and ask:
- What’s happening with the renewal of Dart Energy’s PEL 463 for the Sydney basin?
- Is it still in the renewal process?
- Why aren’t you cancelling it since they failed to meet the terms of their permit?
2. To phone NSW Mining Minister Chris Hartcher’s office once a week and ask:
-Has Dart Energy applied for any new site approvals to explore for Coal Seam Gas in the Sydney Basin?
-At what stage is the renewal process for Dart Energy’s licence (PEL 463) in the Sydney basin?
-The licence had not met its terms and conditions when it expired in October 2011 so why aren’t you cancelling it?
-Stop CSG Sydney press release asking for PEL 463 to be cancelled.
3. To phone Kristina Keneally or your own Member of Parliament and ask:
-  Dart Energy has said it won’t drill in St Peters. Can you please request that the approval for the site is rescind permanently?
-  Do you know what other sites Dart Energy is seeking approval to drill at under PEL 463?
-  What’s happening with the renewal of Dart Energy’s PEL 463 for St Peters and Sydney Basin?  
-  Dart Energy didn't meet conditions of its licence so why isn't it being cancelled? Why at  least isn't the permit being renewed under the new more stringent Coal Seam Gas regulations?
Contact Isabel,, if you could make a time make one of these calls weekly over the next  months.
What do you know? Trivial as it may be...
Come enjoy an eve of facts and fun at Stop CSG Sydney’s Trivia Fundraising Night
Wednesday 25th July from 7pm til 10pm
Save the date in your diary and come along and join in the fun.
If you can help with letterboxing your area or in other ways please email Josie,
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Next Stop CSG Sydney Monthly Meeting – Sunday 24th June
4pm-6pm Upstairs St Peter’s Town Hall
Jess Moore from Illawarra will attend to show a short film and talk about the success of their human sign last year. We will also show short film of May’s Lismore Rally when 7000 people marched through the streets against CSG.
Tuesday 19th June, 7pm
CSG 101 – Downstairs at St Peter’s Town Hall
Want to find out more about CSG? Come and ask your questions and find out more about what’s happening in NSW and Sydney. More info contact Jacinta,

Wednesday 25th July,7pm
Stop CSG Sydney Trivia Night, Petersham Town Hall
Save the date in your diary and come along and join in the fun.

Saturday 13th October, midday
Stop CSG Human Sign in Sydney Park
We’re organising a Stop CSG Human Sign in Sydney Park as part of Lock the Gate’s national day of action in October. Get together a group to ‘own’ a letter and tell your friends or just come on your own to participate in this great day. Contact Sandy on or Pip on for more information or to get involved in the organising committee.
Stalls – Can you help?
We do Newtown outside the community centre every second Saturday. Taylor Square market in Oxford Street has also offered us a Saturday stall for free.  We could also do Kings Cross on a Saturday if we find a few more volunteers. Can you help for a few hours? It’s fun and a great way to build awareness and get the yellow triangle and other info into the community. Contact
Can you pick up the phone and call Tony Burke
Our environmental Laws Under Attack

Our federal environmental laws are under attack with proposed legislation that will wind back environmental laws to give states final say on more development proposals. Can you phone Tony Burke's office on (02) 6277 7640 or email to say NOT HAPPY about. If these laws were in place it would have been much easier for CSG mining to proceed in the Pilliga State Forest, approvals could be fast tracked without assessment or full back to address full environmental impact. "Nationally significant environmental assets must be protected at a national level. We know from long experience that state governments do not assess development proposals with the national interest in mind.” says Nature Conservation Council of NSW CEO Pepe Clarke. Read more

It’s making a difference
Australia’s CSG Plans are faltering
This latest story shows how our campaign along with all the others is having an impact.

Santos withdraws its CSG Part 3A application for 1100 wells in the Pilliga State Forest
For the past 18 months we've said that the Pilliga State Forest was a must win battleground in our fight against CSG and a test case under the EPBC act. Now Santos have withdrawn their application for a 1,100 well production gas field in the forest. This came days after a damning report containing detailed evidence of how the coal seam gas operations in the Pilliga Forest - a recharge for the Great Artesian Basin - have resulted in harm to the environment, including water pollution and soil contamination. More

Three towns in Northern NSW have gone CSG-Free
The Channon, Keerong and Nimbin have all declared themselves CSG-Free.
Maybe there’s enough support in your area to go CSG-Free too? Click here for the "How To Guide" for making your community gasfield free.

Bimblebox: A must-see movie for every community

Way up north, past Brisbane, 5hrs west on the Capricorn Highway from Rockhampton is a town called Alpha. Here on the 8000ha Bimblebox Nature Refuge Clive Palmer wants to put his China First coal mine. When co-owner Paola Cassoni heard of the application she thought a couple of phone calls would clear up the mistake, after all the Nature Refuge was protected land forever. She was wrong. A new documentary, Bimblebox,  places Paola's story in the wider context of the massive coal and coal seam gas expansion in Australia and the impact on farm land, communities and the environment from the Darling Downs to the Hunter Valley and Liverpool plains, from the Great Barrier Reef to the destruction of the sandstone and escarpments in the Illawarra from long wall mining. Take your tissues. Contact if you’re interested in running a community screening – We will help with finding someone to do a q and a afterwards too.
In the News
Coal Seam Gas bubbling up in the Condamine River
Dart Energy to drill for Coal Seam Gas near Newcastle
50 years since Rachael Carsons’s Silent Spring
Apex’s Coal Seam Gas Drilling Plan around Sydney invalid

Youtube of the week
Why the Great Barrier reef is under threat
Share it. Show it to the kids. This is our future.

Come along to the Stop CSG Sydney monthly meeting held on the last Sunday every month, 4-6pm, St Peter's Town Hall. (near Sydenham train station)

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Stop CSG Sydney is a community group campaigning to stop Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining in Sydney and its expansion across NSW. Stop CSG Sydney is a member of the national Lock the Gate Alliance
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