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Dear Valued Partners,

We are excited to advise that for Term 3, 2020 ALG will be resuming face-to-face delivery across all of its courses. We can’t wait to have our students back on campus!  

We have implemented 4 new study day patterns / timetable options, which are now consistent nationally at all of our campuses:

•    Monday and Tuesday
•    Wednesday and Thursday
•    Friday and Saturday
•    Evenings - Monday to Thursday 

Over time, as we have introduced new courses and expanded into new interstate markets, our national timetable has become cumbersome. In the Covid-19 environment (with borders closed etc) we have had to refine our approach to enable us to be more efficient and get better utilisation of our campuses. The new consistent study day patters also allow us to provide a more even distribution of students across classes. 

Where more than 1 study pattern option exists for a course in a state, students will have the ability to apply to move if they prefer the alternate option to what they have been assigned. There is no intention to change student’s timetables term to term. However, we can no longer commit to maintaining the same study days for a student for their entire course duration. 

Students will be advised ahead of the term of their timetable for the upcoming term – we are aiming to be able to do this for future terms by around Week 8 of the prior term. As noted above, in most cases there will no change from the prior term.

Going forward students will apply to study a course in a state - not a specific timetable option for the course in the state. Students will be able to express a preference for a timetable option out of those available, however the allocation to the preferred option is not guaranteed.

Below is the COVID safe brief we have sent out to our students in order for ALG to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.
Maintaining the health and safety of our students and staff remains one of ALG’s top priorities. To ensure your studies are COVID safe, we are implementing the following additional measures.
  1. Physical Distancing: ALG will carry out the following physical distancing measures
    • Staggered class start times - to reduce the number of students moving around the campus during the start of the day and during breaks. We will advise of the start time in your Week 9 timetable release. The staggered start times will be 8:30AM, 9:00AM and 9:30AM.
    • Spacing out of classrooms desks - where possible, ALG will separate and space out classroom desks to allow for increased distance between students.
    • Shared spaces - students will be required to only use shared areas (reception, kitchen) during their allocated arrival, break and departure times. At all other times, students should be in class or move offsite to limit the total numbers of students in campus shared spaces.
  2. Hygiene: maintaining personal hygiene is the most effective way of preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Please ensure you wash your hands-on arrival and any subsequent re-entry to the campus, that you sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue and that you dispose of any used tissues appropriately. ALG is implementing additional measures including 
    • Hand sanitiser will be available in all classrooms and breakout spaces.
    • Wipes and disinfectant in classrooms for wiping down shared learning spaces. 
    • Increased schedule of campus and toilet cleaning.
  3. Illness protocols: Any student identified as being unwell and displaying COVID symptoms, will be provided with a face-mask and asked to leave the campus and return once they have received a negative COVID test. Where ALG is notified that a COVID infected person has been on campus, that campus will be required to close for a short period, to allow for cleaning. Contact tracing and communication will occur in accordance with government health guidelines. 

For any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
ALG Sales Team
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