I had Easter dinner with my parents, a usual tradition involving hot cross buns, lame puns, roasted lamb, and one embarrassing game of scrabble. On the ride back home my own dear padre asked me, "Seth, are you happy?"

Loaded question, that. What ensued for the next twenty minutes was another tradition of ours: a philosophical discussion connecting the latest sales tactics in the pop-tech world with the larger american community psyche. Don't worry, I won't get into it here (though I'm sorely tempted), but our general consensus was that despite the enormous pressure to have at least two LCD screens ON YOUR PERSON in addition to the screens in your living room, bedroom, and office, these extra screens don't enrich our lives so much as deprive us of essential human connection.

Human connection is part of our mantra here at SBT, which is why, hot off the heels of our last road trip, and at the risk of sounding a bit like a broken record, I'm happy to announce we're in the thick of planning our next magical mystery tour:
Kinda looks like ol' George is flipping the bird there, huh? I'm sure that wasn't his intention.

As for our next road trip...
A 15-city, month-long, coast-to-coast road trip to support and connect food biz owners. In each city we are running a workshop during the day, and a throwing a "hang" at night. We'll be hitting the road from: July 16th - August 14th, 2015.
(Lots) more to come on that note,
- Seth - 

P.S. Here's our latest batch of custom-tailored, uncensored advice.

Crowdfunding Corner

Hey, if you've got your eye on crowdfunding, be sure to watch this excerpt from the Grist & Toll workshop featuring Kathleen Minogue:

Top 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes

In keeping with Kathleen's expert advice, we've created a way for even the most DIY types to avoid the mistake of going solo. Plus, here's a few live campaigns worth looking at from some peeps we like:
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