We're raising funds this financial year to move to a new gallery and studio after the monsoon disaster - can you help? Donate now.
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Dear <<First Name>>,

If you love Umbrella and what our gallery offers the community, now couldn't be a better time to show your support. Due to the Townsville flood/monsoonal rain this year, Umbrella needs to be relocated to a new home. Our beloved home of 16 years is sadly no longer suitable for use as a gallery since the flood. The costs of moving are substantial. We have flood-related costs totalling over $80,000 - some already spent to get us out of the old space, and some quoted for moving into a new space. Thankfully we have been able to access government support to cover some of these costs. We need your help to cover the remaining gap of around $30,000. In order to keep providing artists with opportunities to exhibit their artworks, we need to fit out an alternative space with at least a basic setup suitable for a gallery (e.g. reinstalling our specialist lighting tracks, three phase power to support our printing presses, appropriate walls to hang on with a painted finish etc). 
With your help we can turn this natural disaster into an opportunity for a great future for Umbrella's members and the Townsville community. Every donation is tax deductible.
We'd love to invite you to the new place once we have moved in - we'll be contacting donors by email to let them know when they can visit our new gallery space.  

Umbrella has been serving the Townsville arts community for three decades, and we want to ensure that it continues to do so for another three, so please consider making a donation before the end of this financial year. It is important, now more than ever, that we seek your support to continue our mission.
With the end of the tax year approaching, now is the perfect time to make a tax-deductible donation to Umbrella Studio. We can mail or email you a tax-deductible gift receipt for your donation. Every dollar helps! 

Ann Roebuck,
President of the Board

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"I donate to Umbrella because it's a great way to ensure the arts in Townsville continue to flourish. As one of the most dynamic arts organisations in North Queensland, Umbrella has fostered a strong sense of pride in the community through arts participation. Showcasing local talent, encouraging the growth of business opportunities and building tourism capacity are all outcomes of a thriving arts sector."
"I donate to Umbrella Studio and the arts because I would like to live in a world that is more thoughtful and humane. People donate to hospitals and cancer foundations, but rarely to a preventative measure like the arts. The arts promotes well-being, self-caring, and respect for community - including our environment. Fund the arts properly and watch the social prosperity measures rise, as health and justice costs are reduced."
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"There is no greatness without goodness" 

<<First Name>>, help us create a happier world.
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Umbrella Studio contemporary arts
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