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Praise God for so much happening!

Beautiful Picture of Kenya

Since last month I have been in Kenya. Wow… that was amazing. You may have known already about the 44 people baptized, the hundreds of people that gathered in three different locations in the two weeks, and the many dozens who ‘saw the light.’ =) 

Did you see the video of a former Catholic name Elizabeth? She has been studying and just mentioned to me the other day that she has been sharing with her associations and has been pressing on to further know the truth! I believe God got a hold of her while we were together. 

I haven’t mentioned the pastor I met while there… He is currently working for the conference there in Kenya, and after hearing the first message (to which he came about fifteen minutes late), he grabbed my hand and said, “What I have heard today is truth and I need to know more.” I replied, “Praise the Lord! Tell me a bit about yourself…” He said, “I’m a pastor in the conference here and have never heard the things you’ve said, but I plan to come to each of the meetings you are having, and I have questions.” Well… after spending several hours speaking to and interacting with him, he has been committed to learning more about God and was able to put many of the pieces together in what most would consider a very short time! Praise God, and pray for him! (A man my age told me that I was the FIRST white man that had ever entered that town, to his knowledge. The young children would shake my hand and walk away staring at and rubbing their fingers together...)

What about the woman, raised in the Seventh-day Adventist church, who learned about God the first time I was able to visit Kenya that started a publishing ministry in the year that passed since this last visit? She has been involved in planting five churches since then! Her testimony is coming up in the “Word of Their Testimony” playlists soon. She’s a medical missionary with many stories of helping people heal naturally. What a blessing to have the health message!

The young people? Oh, the young people! There were so many of the saints in Kenya with their Bibles and taking notes that were under 25 years old! Lots of them were still in their youth and I was SO inspired! These young people were asking the adult questions about God, referring to specifics that proved they have been involved in intelligent conversations with others and had been doing their homework! 

Youth in Kenya

What’s next? Well… I was in Michigan last weekend, and will be in Washington the weekend of September 28th, and then… there are too many requests to make it all happen! Not all have actually set plans in place, but there have been LOTS of invitations. 

  • I’ll be speaking in an online meeting in a weeks time “in” Norway
  • At a Vietnamese church in Southern California, translated (so you may not see that video)
  • Going to Perth, Australia for just short of two weeks at the end of October
  • I’ll be Houston, Texas the second weekend of November
  • Heading to India for the middle of November to teach the books of Daniel and Revelation to 30 or so various independent, non-SDA pastors (some of which are Sabbath keeping)
  • Have been invited to Nepal to teach the book of Revelation toward the end of January into February to non-SDA pastors (not associated with the India trip, as they don’t know each other!!!)

There’s talk of coming to:

  • Estonia
  • Nigeria
  • Namibia
  • Egypt
  • France (looking for a translator)
  • Various places in the USA 
  • And I know there are other places I can’t track down at this point… so please pray!!!

Each time I’ve been able to go to preach the Word of God I’ve learned about revivals that follow because people take it upon themselves to share the gospel! May it be so EVERYWHERE! 

My family? Of course! Some have asked about my family. “How is it with them that you are gone so much?” The truth is, I am home more than I am away. By God’s amazing providence I have been able to work from home for almost three years now, and my relationship with them is very strong and growing. My wife and I just celebrated 18 years of marriage!!! We do appreciate your prayers, nonetheless. 

I’m working on editing the message from Kenya, one of which is out, but I presented at LEAST 38 messages in the two weeks I was there! Whew... I wasn’t able to record all of them, but let me tell you—God allowed me to speak plainly while there. They were ready to listen, so God was willing to speak through His servant!

For clarification: Not a single angel IS the Holy Spirit (Gabriel included). They never have been and they never will be. BUT (and please read carefully) BUT… the angels are AGENTS in the “agency of the Holy Spirit” (and humans too can be agents). Notice this paragraph (one of many thousands), and study each thought and all the surrounding thoughts that come with it in your own personal studies: 

“The people of God on earth are the human agents that are to cooperate with divine agencies for the salvation of men. To the souls that have joined themselves to Him, Christ says, “You are one with Me, ‘labourers together with God’” (1 Corinthians 3:9). God is the great and unperceived actor; man is the humble and seen agent, and it is only in cooperation with the heavenly agencies that he can do anything good. It is only as the mind is enlightened by the Holy Spirit that men discern the divine agency. And hence Satan is constantly seeking to divert minds from the divine to the human, that man may not cooperate with Heaven. He directs the attention to human inventions, leading men to trust in man, to make flesh their arm, so that their faith does not take hold upon God” (2SM 123.1).

I will be more than happy to do my best to answer any questions that come in about angels, the agency, the instrumentalities, the agents, the messengers, the channels, or however else inspiration refers to them. As you know, I’ve done a lot of study, and some times it is difficult to help people understand terms they aren’t familiar with. BUT, the time has come to know!

After all, the third angels message includes “God” the Father, “the Lamb,” and “the holy angels.”  Notice Revelation 14:10 which says about those who worship the false god of the beast and his image, “The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb.”

So, in all reality, the first angels` message is about God the Father and His Son—the one through whom God created all things. The second angel is about coming out of false doctrine and leaving the fallen churches, and the third angel is about being on the team of the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the holy angels (which are part of the “agency of the Spirit”). 

Please let me leave you with this last paragraph which has REALLY clarified things in my mind: "Those who do the words of Christ will perfect a Christian character, because Christ’s will is their will. Thus is Christ formed within, the hope of glory." 6LtMs, Ms 1a, 1890, par. 18

Thus means, 'this is how...' 

Please continue to pray with me, as I want God to use all of us to serve as many people as possible His bread of life. Christ is coming sooner than we think, yet later than we wish.  

Have you seen this one? A friend in Kenya told me about an angel dressed in military clothes. 


Please know that I have been able to continue editing the "Fundamental Principles from 1889" videos. Those videos are designed to be short, sweet, and enough to whet the appetite for people who don't know the original Seventh-day Adventist message. Please pray for continued grace as I want to finish those as soon as possible. =)

I've been updated recently by the pastor in Nepal who organized nine pastors for me to give a short video study to a couple weeks ago... they're excited for me to come! I'm going there in February! Praise God!

India is looking like a real thing too... in November of this year! More on that one later... =)

A map of Nepal

Prayer Request

I believe in prayer. My mother prayed for me many years before God used those requests to bring me to my spiritual senses! Please, in the name of Jesus Christ, lift all of these things before God our Father to plead His blessings in behalf all of His biddings. I too will pray for you all!

"God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers" (Romans 1:9).

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