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Howdy! An online friend asked me to be part of an interview with Light Channel ministry from Denmark. Another pastor and I were asked the same two-dozen-or-so questions about the Holy Spirit. I accepted, believing God would bless. He did. There were over seven hundred views of the video within the first 24 hours of posting it!

I believe the plain reading of the Bible was clear and expressive of God’s plan for all of us, so we can be transformed into His image through the ministry of His Son. The interview which was supposed to be an hour ended being 15 minutes over three hours! The time didn’t seem that long while we were being interviewed, but I was a bit tired after the event. Please pray for God to continue to use the video which is now on the RwD YouTube channel. Watch the presentation by clicking the linked image below:

Two SDA pastors asked two dozen+ questions about the Holy Spirit.

On another note, I have been able to finish recording 28 short videos briefly explaining the 1889 Fundamental Principles. They should be edited asap and released one after another in the near future. Here’s the first one as a perk since you are on the mailing list. =) 

The first of 28 brief explanations of the Fundamental Principles from 1889.

Since the last newsletter I tested out the idea of live streaming. I haven’t learned to love that process yet, as its only been encountered with slow-enough-internet-to-where-the-video-has-been-choppy, the audio has cut out, or it’s a bit awkward for the local visitors… but, I’ll keep doing what I can to see if that is a good option. Also, it’s been really difficult to find a consistent time to ‘meet’, so… sorry for those that love live streaming! Also, I’ve been able to worship with a lovely group in Washington, have met online with LOTS of people through video conferencing (which has always been a pleasant experience), have held remote speaking events also through video conferencing, have met together with a larger-than-expected group near the Loma Linda, CA area (which included a small handful of Buddhists and an SDA pastor) which turned out very well, have been asked by people from two different locations for baptism, was able to visit a family in Idaho who are living off the grid and have a not-too-far-from-the-Garden-of-Eden-garden which was incredible, and am looking forward to visiting more people in the weeks ahead who will be an inspiration I am sure!

I’ll be interviewing a doctor soon who has had quite an experience with the church, and believe that will be a video you all will want to see for sure!

In the last newsletter I mentioned a possible upcoming trip to Kenya. Well, you all are amazing! One lady sent funds, learning that what she sent was nearly enough to cover the cost of the ticket, so she sent more! Praise God for all who have sacrificed to help afford trips like going to local venues and places like Kenya to speak with what has proven to be (while I was there last time) an amazing group of young people who are being trained to spread the gospel quickly in that part of the world!

It’s impossible to express thanks for all of the online interactions that have been sent through email, texting, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other of the clever ways people have for reaching out, but it sure helps encourage a soul when there surely are a lot of people being negative at the same time! =)

God’s blessings to you all, and please take a time to fast and pray for what God is planning to do through the RevelationWithDaniel ministry. 

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