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After India with 37 interdenominational pastors... 

Wow… it’s been amazing. 

This last month saw a lot of travel (just like last year about this time—praise God). I was in Perth, Australia for two weeks, (still editing a lot of videos from early September in Kenya before editing the rest of those from Australia [although one has been released entitled, “Children are Innocent” due to several requests from those present in Australia or who couldn’t make that meeting], but the videos from Michigan and Washington should most likely be edited first!). I was in Houston, Texas the next weekend after Australia (and praise God for a live editor who was there, as those videos are ready and waiting to be released—considering what Stephen Haskell believed about the angels, in two parts), and then I was in India for a week through the next weekend! I’m home now and have a serious case of jet lag… having slept only two and a half hours from 10pm to 12:30am… and still up after 10 milligrams of melatonin and a drink that was supposed to relax me… but really, it’s the middle of the day for my mind, why would my body need to sleep, right? Ugh… 

BUT, it has all been completely worth it! What’s kept me awake have been the incredible testimonies of a few of the 37 interdenominational pastors who were in India listening to the book of Revelation! (Only two came that were Adventist.) Half of them stood up to make decisions for truth…They heard the loud cry of the third angel which says we are to keep the commandments of God the Father through the faith of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ! 

Please watch this short video of our time in India. (I generally don’t record presentation videos when I need a translator—which was the case in India—as I’m of the mind that people will be less interested to watch those, so my decision on this trip was to make a short documentary of our time there, something I should do more of, I suppose, huh?)

Working together with Naik Christian, a medical missionary in India, we were able to share the three angels` messages with 37 interdenominational pastors! Praise our God!

After the video above, read these few testimonies if you haven’t seen them already on the RevelationWithDaniel Facebook page. 

Greetings from India. I’m pastor Babu I was a Pentecostal pastor since 5 years. I was invited by Brother naikchristian to pastor Daniel Mesa’s Bible study programme at sattenapalli church. Before I come here I know pastor naikchristian is a nice man and who come to me to teach about the Bible. But I know Naikchristian is a Sabbath keeper and One true God believer. I believe in the trinity and Sunday. But I was once told by Brother naikchristian about what the Catholic Church did in history. So I dicided to attend Daniel Mesa bible study programme and wanted to ask many questions. But when I attended the classes I didn’t have any questions in my mind as God almighty answered all my questions by pastor Daniel Mesa and Pastor naikchristian. I enjoyed studying with them. I have come to appreciate very deeply about the Revelation and Daniel books. Its great encouragement and a blessing to me. After 2 days God started to speaking with me to stand for Truth and to preach the truth and Sabbath. Now I dicided to keep sabbath and worship the one True God.

My name is pastor padda moses and I’ve been a Pentecostal church pastor since the last 8 years. But I didn’t know about the Sabbath and the trinity. But when attending Pastors meeting by Daniel Mesa and Brother naikchristian I was so happy. But when teaching about the Sabbath and trinity I dicided to go Home because I thought they were preaching false teachings. They said the trinity is a Catholic doctrine and they say we have to keep the Sabbath. I didn’t like their teachings so I decided not come on the second day. But I didn’t have peace and I was a lot disturbed in mind, so I wanted to talk to them and ask questions, and I saw the light on the second day. I accepted the Sabbath and the one true God. I m going to preach to my church only one God Almighty. Pray for me to stand for Truth. Thanks. God bless you. Thanks to Pastor Daniel Mesa and naikchristian for conducting wonderful meetings, and I want to learn more.

My name is Pastor Eallaiah I am a Baptist church pastor since 30 years onwords. I have attended pastor naikchristian’s Bible study programme every month twice. I am learning a lot. After attending Pastor Daniel Mesa’s bible study I have 100% decided to Keep Sabbath and worship the only true God Almighty and His begotten Son Jesus Christ. I decided to come and study more with naikchristian. Pastor naikchristian gives treatment for my Diabetic condition. Pray for us as I wish to work with Pastor naikchristian, no more with the Baptist church. Because catholic doctrines have made me blind but now I see the light by God Almighty. Thank you Pastor Daniel Mesa and Naikchristian for the wonderful sturdy programme. I preached HS is 3rd God but I come to know there is only one God Almighty and His Son Christ. Bless you all. Pray for me and my family.

PTL. my name is Sk.paul I came from the Muslim background. I was a Muslim. I was invited by pastor naikchristian to attend Pastors Daniel Mesa bible study programme. I am a Pentecostal evangelist, I speak in tongues , I believe in the trinity and Sunday. But when I attended the 3 days meeting, I learned a lot about what is True Worship, who is the Holy Spirit, and now I understand there is no 3 God's, only one God Almighty and His Son Yesuva. I decided to tell all my people that the Sabbath is still alive and there is only one God Almighty. I was blessed to attend these meetings, otherwise I may lose my soul. God saved me today. I m so thankful to God Almighty and Pastor Daniel Mesa and naikchristian. Now I am a new creation in Christ. God helped me to understand more about the Book of Revelation by Daniel Mesa. I want to learn more, please pray for me and my family. I am going to share this truth with everyone I know. Pastor naikchristian is lovely man and he helped me a lot. I saw he is a true man of God who understands Christ well. I am going to call pastor naikchristian, God bless you all.

Hello brothers and sisters, greetings from India. My name is B. Vankataswarlu. I‘be been a Pentecostal pastor for 7 years. I was attending Pastor Daniel Mesa’s Bible study programme at pastor naikchristian’s church. When I attended I was shocked because they were preaching Sabbath and the one true God message. I decided to not come on the second day. But I said to God if pastor naikchristian calls me on the second day to come to the meeting, I will go again. Early in the morning my phone was ringing, its pastor naikchristian calling. So I decided to attend, because I believe it was God’s plan and call to me. I saw all the words of teaching of Daniel Mesa is from the Bible only. So every study is very powerful and truth. I am not going to preach about 3 gods, but one true God. I am humbled myself to follow the truth. Now I and my want to keep the Sabbath and worship the one true God. I m praying to work with Pastor naikchristian to share the truth with many others. I need your prayers. God loves me and my family and I love the Truth from the Bible.

Another thing that came up during the time I was in India… After I had made a decision to re-read the 8th Volume of the Testimonies for the Church (having read them while training for pastoral labor in 1999—have you read them? =) I came across some really inspiring counsel about what  should be happening compared to what was happening in Battle Creek, MI many years ago. That caused me to make a few decisions with my mother (the treasurer) to send monies to Gospel Sounders Rekindling Reformation in Kenya in response to their appeals to enable them to purchase their long awaited for property and work truck to start a mission outreach with health as one of their focuses. God be praised that together we could all help with their ministry there—they are for real. 

Since being in India with Brother Naik Christian at the Living Waters Ministry, and asking about and seeing the needs of those who work there, we’ve decided that they will be enabled to work for the Lord much more if they have a video camera and a car. I had asked Naik if he’d like to record the series of Revelation videos, verse by verse, like I had done (using the videos I had put together as a reference), and he said he would love to do that. Time will tell, as I know it will take a lot of dedication to get that completed, so please pray for him that he will be able to translate the video series into his local language. Anyone else want to do that too??? Please let me know! (The RevelationWithDaniel verse by verse videos are coming out as soon as possible, having nearly half of them edited now, taking out the phrases that I’d rather not be heard saying in public these days… =)

Maybe it’s because I’m so tired that I’m writing so much… anyway, God’s blessings to you and those who you love, wishing all the best in preparing for the soon coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

“My doctrine shall drop as the rain…” (Deuteronomy 32:2).

For those of you who would like to continue studying with me in regard to the angels, please watch and share this presentation, along with the second part below. =)
May God bless us all and may He "give His angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways." Psalm 91:11. 
One of the audio books I love to hear is "The Desire of Ages." Please listen here.
Another of the audio books I love to hear is "The Great Controversy." Please listen here.

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