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Blessings to all of God's people who will read this. 😀

Wednesday morning I leave for Kenya for two weeks! I was only supposed to stay for one week, but a friend in Michigan had been communicating with a group in Kenya (without my knowledge) and said when learning that I was heading there, "Hey! Would you be able to visit this group while over there?" I thought, "No way... it's six hours drive and I'll be teaching at a 'school of the prophets' the entire week!" BUT... my Michigan friend wasn't done yet... After coaxing and a bit of inspiration, I rescheduled and I'm staying for a second week! The new group that has started studying about who God is, has grown a bit to my understanding... I asked how many are there and was told it was about thirty. Last week I was told that I could expect sixty! I'll keep you up to date through Facebook while I am there in Kenya. Please pray!

By God's providence, I will be teaching at a 'school of the prophets' the first week while in Nairobi... though I'm hoping to do a bit of an update through video while I am there. They are expecting four hundred people! W.O.W.


I was blessed to visit the home of Jason and Rebeca Neumann (Jason was baptized recently, you may have seen the recent video on the RevelationWithDaniel YouTube page. Don't miss another precious baptism video of Daniel Maier on that same site.). During the time there, I was asked to pray about an infection for a newly pregnant mother. Here's the story:

"My husband and I are not very old. Yet, we can’t really call ourselves spring chickens either. When the time came for us to start a family, we realised that it might not be as easy as first anticipated. After a period of nothing happening, we contemplated that maybe it was not part of God’s plan for our journey. That was not a pleasant thought for us at all! Soon after, when we found out we were pregnant, it’s safe to say, we were ecstatic. A little scared, but mostly literally jumping for joy.

At our 10 week check up, a routine urine test showed that there was a silent infection present. As an already panicked new mum-to-be, I googled. This only added to my panic. My doctor recommend I take antibiotics straight away for 7 days to avoid complications for myself and the baby.

I am still new to learning about the health message, but what I have learned, I have put into practice. Coming from a home consisting of two health professionals as parents, I grew up in the medical model. We always took pain relief for the smallest ache. We would take antibiotics at the first sign of a cough. And of course, we would have the flue shot every year. I wasn’t seriously ill growing up, however, I can’t say I enjoyed optimal health either. I really feel that it’s only recently, since I have started following God’s health ideal, that I have started to benefit from the attached blessings.

So when my doctor suggested, antibiotics, I had a chat to God about it. I didn’t feel comfortable with that choice, so I researched some natural alternatives. Besides, I had already taken enough antibiotics over the years to last me a lifetime. The whole time I kept praying that I wasn’t making a harmful decision by choosing to ignore the medical recommendation.

I spend the next 8 days juicing and consuming more carrots then I have in my entire life. I got my husband to cut up raw garlic and downed it with the aid of water or some sauce each day. And I coupled vitamin C with prayer about every 2 hours. I was happy to be done by the end of the 8 days and eager to find out the outcome.

After an awkward conversation with my doctor, she agreed to retest me. She called a few days later to let me know my natural remedies had not worked. The infection was still there and this times she really insisted that I take the antibiotics.

I was discouraged.

I had really tried to do what I believed was the right thing and it had not worked. The doctor was saying antibiotics. A midwife I knew was also saying antibiotics. A third midwife I asked said to go with antibiotics. That seemed pretty convincing to me. On the morning that I was planning to go in and fill my subscription for antibiotics, I decided to talk to one more midwife. I told the Lord that if she recommended the same as all the others, then I was going to take the drugs.

She surprisingly suggested I try one more natural remedy. Part of me was slightly annoyed that I had to change my plans in the last minute. My faith was not as strong now and I didn’t feel it would work. I thought about the conversation I would have to have with my doctor again. Would she even test me a third time??? Regardless of my thoughts and feelings, I had promised the Lord I would only take the antibiotics if the last midwife recommended it. She had not. So out I went and purchased a different type of tablet and I proceeded to carry out another natural remedy for 10 days. Just as my 10 days were up, Pastor Daniel Mesa was in the area visiting. Towards the end of our visit, I felt impressed to ask him to pray for my situation before going in the next day to see the doctor. My husband at one stage said “Well and if it doesn’t work, we will just take the antibiotics”. I quickly remembered that faith is believing that you have been blessed, even before you have unquestionable evidences to prove it. I quickly responded “Well, I believe we have been healed and so I don’t even need to consider the antibiotics as an option.”

The next day, we went in and had yet another slightly uncomfortable conversation with the doctor. She somehow agreed to test me again and I was so nervous, I wasn’t even sure I had done the test correctly. She called a few days later with the results. It was confirmed that we truly had been blessed and that we were clear of the infection.

Moving forwards, as a first time mum in the making, I really am not sure what to expect from pregnancy, labour and parenting. Some days the future does seem uncertain and it is so easy to give into anxiety and the wrong kind of ‘what ifs’. But then I am reminded to take a deep breath and sing a song to calm myself. I am invited to reach out and grab my Father’s hand. I can’t see where I am headed, but He can. He knows the path clearly and He will lead me to the greenest of all pastures. No matter what comes, it will always make more sense to face it with Him by my side as opposed to alone. It truly is a great honour to have a Father as powerful and trustworthy as Him."

by  Rebeca Neumann.

Jason and Rebeca Neumann with Daniel Mesa

So... we believe a miracle was wrought by the Lord. Here's part of a quote that has inspired us all:

"All the miracles of Christ performed for the afflicted and suffering were, by the power of God, through the ministration of angels. Christ condescended to take humanity, and thus he unites his interests with the fallen sons and daughters of Adam here below, while his divinity grasps the throne of God. And thus Christ opens the communication of man with God, and God with man. All the blessings from God to man are through the ministration of holy angels." RH January 21, 1873, par. 16


Some pastors get quite rabid when speaking with them about God--that He's not a trinity. Notice what happened in a church in Michigan. 


Please know that I have been able to continue editing the "Fundamental Principles from 1889" videos. Those videos are designed to be short, sweet, and enough to whet the appetite for people who don't know the original Seventh-day Adventist message. Please pray for continued grace as I want to finish those as soon as possible. =)

I've been updated recently by the pastor in Nepal who organized nine pastors for me to give a short video study to a couple weeks ago... they're excited for me to come! I'm going there in February! Praise God!

India is looking like a real thing too... in November of this year! More on that one later... =)

A map of Nepal

Prayer Request

I believe in prayer. My mother prayed for me many years before God used those requests to bring me to my spiritual senses! Please, in the name of Jesus Christ, lift all of these things before God our Father to plead His blessings in behalf all of His biddings. I too will pray for you all!

"God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of His Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers" (Romans 1:9).

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