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Okay, so within a few days of the release of this newsletter, the 30 part series pictured above will be available on the RevelationWithDaniel YouTube page. Please read on... =)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ
for 2020 Coming VERY Soon...

We all know what it’s like to feel that there is so much to do, but so little time to do it in. 

That’s how I have felt for a while now. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is coming soon, and how do we get the word of truth out quickly enough? Souls are being lost and deceived all around us, going into hopeless graves. So… what do we do? Well…

Yesterday I spent two hours, fifteen minutes, and forty-nine seconds in a video conversation with new believers (three-months-old) in Nova Scotia. I was interacting through the day with people who are working together in Nepal to plan a ministry there in January, 2020 to speak with a group of—I counted—over 35 inter-denominational pastors who want to learn about the books of Daniel and the Revelation (this is NOT the same group from Nepal! This is a totally new and different group!). I’ve been also speaking with Naik, a dedicated brother from India, who is hoping for another outreach to the 37 inter-denominational pastors in India again (only four of which were affiliated with Seventh-day Adventists), and then last night before going to bed (while editing a sermon from being in Kenya with Gospel Sounders Ministry) I was called by a pastor friend of mine from years ago that I served closely with. When he asked me what I was doing, I replied, “Do you want to know the truth?” He said yes, so I told him. Surprisingly he said, “What’s a non-trinitarian?” I was like… wha!? He listened to my excited chatter and said he is willing to watch the three hour interview I had with the moderator and pastor from Denmark and Norway a few months back. If you haven’t shared that on social media recently, please do: (or click the image below).

Two Pastors interviewed About the Holy Spirit Message
Pastor Daniel Mesa (a non-trinitarian) and Pastor Kenneth Jørgensen (a trinitarian) were asked a couple dozen questions about the Holy Spirit by Light Channel Ministry. Learn with us to understand more about the ways some pastors answer a few of the harder questions regarding this life-changing subject. Please share this message on social media!

Fundamental Principles Bible Study Guides(While preparing this newsletter, I have been happily interrupted a few times because of interacting with Naik Christian, who is living in India, currently on a short mission to Nepal to organize our upcoming Nepal trip together in early 2020. My plan as of just now is to fly into Nepal, be there for 1 week to minister to—he says—nearly 40 pastors of various denominations, then I will fly at the end of that first week to be with him again in India where we are hoping for at LEAST the same number of 37 inter-denominational pastors to gather together again to study more about prophecy and the salient truths found in the fundamental principles from 1889 ( [You could also click the FPs image to the right.] Please pray for this exciting endeavor!)

Please watch the 51 second video after the next three photos of pastors in Nepal who have requested that RevelationWithDaniel come and explain the books of Daniel and the Revelation to them! These pastors are from all faiths

images of Nepal pastors

images of Nepal pastors

images of Nepal pastors

This video above shows Pastors in Nepal, visited by Naik Christian, that want to be taught more fully in the faith contained within the pages of the books of Daniel and the Revelation. We are going there early 2020... please keep this amazing opportunity in prayer!
I’m really excited about the opportunity to go to Estonia in January, 2020. Not many details will be released about this event, as there was a request not to advertise too much about it. Please pray. 

There are many things that I am not prepared to talk about publicly yet, but that’s what next months newsletter could include!

You may already know that I started studying the book of Revelation to present it in a verse by verse video series at the end of 2014. I started that series in early 2015 and ended it March, 2016 after 30 parts! At the start of that time I was forced to study the Laodicean message (specifically Revelation 3:14), because I couldn’t ‘get’ the part that said Christ is the “beginning of the creation of God.” That started me on a very passionate quest of finding out who God really is. Since then I’ve been able to learn much more about God and His Son, yet still have that Revelation series hidden away from the public view because it HAD trinitarian sentiments within it… BUT, I’ve been able to edit that series (I wish YouTube would allow new clips to be added to existing videos, but they seem to only allow deletions, minor I have taken out all the phrases I would choose to say differently today. I’ve mentioned that I would like to do the series again, but oh… the time it would take!). So, that already completed series will be available again within a few days! Okay, it’s not JUST as I would say it today, but there’s a LOT of really good stuff in that series, and if toward the end of this year, you find yourself with little to do… you’ll have 30 nearly-one-hour-videos explaining the book of Revelation for FREE, most often using just the Bible and history to understand the beautiful truths found therein! You’ll find a message that is an ‘overview’ of the Revelation at the following link, which will be added to the end of the existing playlist of 30 videos: (or click the image below).

Image of the Revelation Overview Message
Pastor Daniel Mesa gives 'the big' picture of the book of Revelation in 45 minutes. May God give you a love and a passion to share the truths found within its pages with those who want hope but don't know where to find it!

Gospel Sounders Ministry (mentioned above) is planning to hold their own series of presentations on the book of Revelation, similar to the RwD series coming out in a few days. I’ve offered them the notes and videos, counseling them to do the series in the best possible way (with lighting, sound, venue, video editing, etc.), and they are going to do it in the Kiswahili language! Please pray that they, along with others we are speaking with, will do that series in their own languages to help spread these truths far and wide in preparation for Christ’s eminent return!

The 30 parts of RevelationWithDaniel is a free video series with notes. The notes will be available FOR FREE under each of the videos on the RwD website, or they can be purchased for $10.00 as one combined and downloadable PDF which has been UPDATED starting the middle of October this year (2019). You'll be able to purchase the downloadable PDF here: (This link will also be in the description of each of the videos on YouTube when released.)

Please communicate with us to help us know what it is that you also are doing (or planning to do) as co-workers with the Lord to help hasten His coming! May the gospel go far and wide as quickly as possible!

One of the audio books I love to hear is "The Desire of Ages." Please listen here.
Another of the audio books I love to hear is "The Great Controversy." Please listen here.

Prayer Request

Please fast and pray that God will bless and use our efforts in all the places we've been able to minister together for His glory, bringing souls into truth rapidly to spread the gospel far and wide in preparation for the close of probation for this world!

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