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Transatlantic Must-Reads

Friday May 20th, 2016

US, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Europe, UK, Russia, West, Lithuania, Spain, Libya
US/Vietnam Obama and the Vietnam Arms Embargo, Joshua Kurlantzick, Council on Foreign Relations
US/Saudi Arabia
Dealing Fairly with a Key Ally: Releasing the 28 Pages, Anthony H. Cordesman, CSIS
US/Europe -
Don’t listen to Donald Trump, the US still values Europe, Bruce Stokes, Politico Europe
How the U.S. and Britain help kleptocracies around the world — and how we pay the price as well, Anne Applebaum, Washington Post
Russia -
Russian State Mobilization - Moving the Country on to a War Footing, Andrew Monaghan, Chatham House
The Hamlet Question: Autocracy or Federation? Part 1, Vladimir Pastukhov, IMR
Western Policy Toward Russia: Swinging Between Deterrence and Appeasement, Pavel Felgenhauer, Jamestown Foundation
Europe -
Europe’s Populist Politicians Tap Into Deep-Seated Frustration, Anton Troianovski, Wall Street Journal
The Belarusian nuclear power plant poses a problem to Lithuania, Joanna Hyndle-Hussein, OSW
As elections approach, Spain’s far left gets its act together, The Economist
A quick guide to Libya’s main players, Mattia Toaldo and Mary Fitzgerald, ECFR

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