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Transatlantic Must-Reads

Friday July 22nd, 2016
Brexit, Europe, Turkey, France, Germany, Islamic State, Russia, Latvia, Italy, UK, US

Brexit - Is Brexit Inevitable? BBC
Brexit -
Life after Brexit: What the Leave Vote Means for China’s Relations with Europe by Bonnie S. Glaser, CSIS
Brexit -
Brexit and Foreign Policy: Divorce? By Ian Bond, Centre for European Reform
Brexit: What Britain can learn from Norway by Karen Helen Ulltveit-Moe, Financial Times
Europe -
More Europe, Less Brussels by Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate
Europe -
Undersea Warfare in Northern Europe, CSIS
Turkey -
Turkey’s Prospects After the Coup Attempt by Kemal Kirişci, Council on Foreign Relations and Brookings Institution
Turkey -
In Turkey, putsched out by Shadi Hamid, Brookings Institution
France -
France needs its own National Counterterrorism Center by Bruce Riedel, Brookings Institution
Germany -
A newly confident and audacious Germany by Constanze Stelzenmueller, Brookings Institution
Islamic State -
The Difference Between ISIS and ISIS-ish by William McCants, Time Magazine
Latvia -
Depopulation- Invisible Threat to Latvian Security by Olevs Nikers, Jamestown Foundation
Italy -
Why Italy’s Housing Crisis Matters, Financial Times
UK -
The British Leadership Disease by Lucy P. Marcus, Project Syndicate
Russia -
Sergey Aleksashenko: “The government is driving the economy into stagnation” by Sergey Aleksashenko, Institute of Modern Russia
Russia -
Russia Is Only A Threat If We Let It Be One by Mark Galeotti, The National Interest
Russia -
Russia 2030: potential impact on French policies by David Cadier, European Council on Foreign Relations
Russia -
Putin Plays Nice by Julia Ioffe, Foreign Policy Magazine
US -
Few American women have broken the glass ceiling of diplomacy by Hani Zainulbhai, Pew Research Center

Russia/US - Remember When Republicans Wanted to Stand Up to Putin? By Eli Lake, BloombergView
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