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Transatlantic Must-Reads

Friday April 22, 2016

US, UK, Germany, Russia, Europe, NATO, Syria, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Migration, Digital, Climate Change, Gender

US/UK - As your friend, let me say that the EU makes Britain even greater, Barack Obama, The Telegraph
UK and America can be better friends than ever Mr Obama... if we LEAVE the EU, Boris Johson, The Sun
How America Can Reap the Benefits of Brexit, Peter E. Harrell, Foreign Policy
Why the U.S. Doesn't Want Britain to Secede, Bloomberg View 
America’s spezial relationship, Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico Europe
US/Germany -
Obama’s Hannover Visit is about way more than Trade, Heidi Obermeyer, Ramen IR
Mario Draghi and Germany’s Fiscal Fetish, Hans-Helmut Kotz, Project Syndicate
Germany/Russia -
Germany sours on Russia, The Economist
Europe/Russia -
Quantum of Silence, The Economist
Outnumbered, outranged, and outgunned: How Russia defeats NATO, David A. Shlapak and Michael W. Johnson, War on the Rocks
Russia/Syria -
Moscow's Playbook in Syria, And How It Is Playing Washington, Andrew J. Tabler, Foreign Affairs
US -
Hillary Clinton, unloved and unstoppable, The Economist
US/Middle East
More Civilian, Less Military, U.S. Policy Needed in the Middle East, Daniel Serwer, Real Clear World
US/Saudi Arabia
What’s Really Wrong With the U.S.-Saudi Relationship, Marc Lynch, Carnegie
Migration -
Texas immigrant population now rivals New York’s in size, Renee Stepler, Pew Research
Europe should forget Google and investigate its tech shortcomings, Michael Moritz, Financial Times
Climate change
On Earth Day, bring together the dreamers and the plodders on climate change, Timmons Roberts, Brookings
Climate change
Paris is good start — but more must be done, Naomi Klein, Boston Globe
Gender -
The Status of Women in the South, Julie Anderson, Elyse Shaw, Chandra Childers,
Jessica Milli, and Asha DuMonthier, Status of Women in the States

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