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Transatlantic Must-Reads

Thursday April 14, 2016

Human Rights, US, Russia, Ukraine, NATO, EU, Germany, Spain, Europe, Wider Europe, Africa, TPP, TTIP, Corruption

Human RightsCountry Reports for Human Rights Practices 2015, US Department of State
USHillary Clinton's Agenda for Black America, Russell Berman, The Atlantic
US -
Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders, Jeff Merkley, New York Times
Russia -
Agents of the Russian World. Proxy Groups in the Contested Neighbourhood, Orysia Lutsevych, Chatham House
Russia – Obama Poked Putin. And Putin Poked Back, Jeffrey Tayler, Foreign Policy
Ukraine - Survival of the richest: How oligarchs block reform in Ukraine, Andrew Wilson, ECFR
Ukraine -
Clean-up crew - Ukraine is broken, but its civic activists are trying to build a new country, The Economist
Let Georgia Join NATO – Tbilisi’s Case, Tornike Zurabashvili, Foreign Affairs
Reform, not divorce, is the best way for Britain in Europe, Patience Wheatcroft, Evening Standard
(When) should a non-euro country join the banking union? Ansgar Belke, Anna Dobrzanska, Daniel Gros and Pawel Smaga, CEPS
Germany – Insulting Erdogan: Merkel Falls Flat over a Satirical Poem, Stefan Kuzmany
Spain stumbles towards another round of elections, The Economist
Europe -
Institutions and Growth in Europe, Klaus Masuch, Edmund Moshammer and Beatrice Pierluigi, CEPS
Wider Europe
The In-Betweeners: The Eastern Partnership Countries and the Russia-West Conflict, Nelli Babayan, GMF
Africa/TPP/TTIPAfrica, TPP, and TTIP: Integration or isolation? Witney Schneidman, Brookings

CorruptionLessons from Civil Resistance for the Battle against Financial Corruption, Peter Ackerman and Shaazka Beyerle, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict
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