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Transatlantic Must-Reads

Monday June 27th, 2016

US, EU, UK, Nordic, NATO, Global, Spain, France, Germany, China
US/EU - America must move to save the European project, Ivo Daalder, Financial Times
US seeks role of mediator in EU’s political crisis, Geoff Dyer, David J Lynch and Demetri Sevastopulo, Financial Times
US lessons from Britain’s Brexit blunder, Edward Luce, Financial Times
EU -
Brexit: Haunted Europe, Tony Barber, Financial Times
EU -
Passporting question looms large for banks in the UK, Patrick Jenkins, Financial Times
EU -
English nationalism will drive Scotland from the union, Philip Stephens, Financial Times
EU -
EU security strategy to push for closer defence co-operation, Alex Barker, Financial Times
Eastern Europe ready to play hardball over Brexit, Henry Foy, Financial Times
UK -
After Brexit: “Very Well, Alone”, Robert E. Hunter, LobeLog
Brexit, clash of civilizations, and the European project, Sebastian Bae, Ramen IR
US-UK Trade and Foreign Investment, Euijin Jung and Zhiyao Lu, Peterson Institute
Nordic -
Post Brexit, Let’s Capitalize on the Nordic Model, Andras Simonyi, Huffington Post
Prospects for the NATO Warsaw Summit, briefing for the U.S. Helsinki Commission, Hans Binnendijk, Center for Transatlantic Relations

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