{It really is meditation disguised as a profession.}

I've been teaching a lot lately, teaching my students how to not think. Not how not to think, but how to not think. I think we don't think very well, and when we do not think, we tend to not think well either. This is where drumming comes in: We can breathe without thinking, but we can't think without breathing (Trite Cartesian Folly 101). The latter is known as "Being DEAD". The mind is the enemy of the groove, so I help my students to breathe. And then we hit and break stuff.

It's the Zen of Organized Obliteration. Six-way coordination from no-mind; the philosophy of creating your own peaceful little earthquake in the basement while mom tries to cook dinner. Mistakes are welcome. To begin is to win. It's fun. It's healthy. And it's fun. I really, really love teaching, as much as I love learning! Below are some new video clips from my Youtube channel, where you'll find most of my new online content. (

Fall 2011 Newsletter vid:

Learning Philosophy:

Snare Drumming:

Highlight Reel:


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Groove Book !

Music I am Proud of:

Polish Piano Terror Bartosz Hadala and I took over the Rogue Studios for a day and recorded a bunch of improv music on the spot. It's some of the coolest stuff I've ever done. I had a 44" gong. James Paul engineered ... it was a very happy day. Check it out in two places:

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Adam's Axioms (a few things I've learned)

- Youth talks. Age teaches. (Maori proverb)
- Let yourself be a beginner
- Let yourself make mistakes
- Make yourself adjustable to the problem
- Breathe
- Mistakes are what it sounds like to learn something
- The slower you go, the faster you learn it
- Never try to learn something at the tempo you ultimately want to be able to play it at
- Repeat, Rewind, and be Kind (to yourself)
- Respect your teacher, respect yourself (Chinese Proverb)
- When the student is ready, the teacher appears (Chinese Proverb)
- Seek to learn tricks and you will be clever; seek to learn techniques and you will be skillful; seek to learn principles and you will be masterful (Chinese Proverb)
- Never learn with emotion; learn instead from no-mind
- Apply learning tempos to new drumming challenges
- Accept the level you're at, there's a ton of joy there. Pull yourself forward one step at a time
- When you start to get stressed out in the practice room, take a break. Eat a sandwich.
- In drumming, you have to earn EVERYTHING
- Talent helps you acquire skill at a faster rate than if you aren't talented, that's all. Neil Peart is the first guy to tell you how un-talented he is, but he's one of the highest-skilled, most experienced, and hardest working drummers on the planet. Ditto John Robinson. Don't rely on talent to give you a carreer!
- Use the drums to play music, don't use music to play the drums
- Music is not a sport. Don't compete with other musicians.
- When you play from the mind and from the ego, everyone on the planet sees what you're about
- We don't learn from our successes alone. Mistakes give our successes more meaning.
- Music theory is the fastest (and most reliable) way to communicate in music. Don't just rely on your capacity to memorize when learning something. Use your ears and written music.
- When learning coordination, often the wrong limb 'fires' at the right time, and the correct limb 'fires' at the wrong time. Observe and accept this as a natural part of the learning process 
- Study the subdivisional aspects of the problem. Understand how the pieces all fit in time, how they relate to each other, before physically learning it. Learn all two-limb elements first, then all three-limb elements, then all limbs combined. Then incorporate tempo, feel, and technique issues. Know the arithmetical aspects of the problem before learning coordination
- If something presents a level of difficulty, the difficulty lies not in the thing itself but in how efficiently you can adapt and respond to that level of difficulty. It won't adapt to you on the whole, so you have to adapt to it. Surely you don't need more stress in your life: go slow, breathe, simplify, relax, and accept the process and novelty of the enterprise
- Don't expect figs the first year you plant the tree (proverb)
- Imitate; Assimilate; Innovate (Freddy Gruber)
- There's far more intelligence in your muscle-memory, in what's physical, than in your grey matter and mind. Let Mother Nature do the driving. Learn the math, then the coordination, then the technique, then the feel, then play from the heart.
- Never underestimate how important, healthy, valuable, and special it is to keep the learning process FUN

My GROOVE BOOK is coming just in time for Halloween. Be afraid ... be very afraid! There's rhythmically demented stuff in here I can't even play.
I'm scared just thinking about it. Aah! Spooky!

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Hudson Music Teacher Spotlight

I was lucky enough to be featured in the Hudson Music Teacher Spotlight:

Groove Book !

Fredy Suarez

I shot some videos of my old pal Fredy Suarez playing and singing on the roof of my studio in downtown Toronto.
He's a very special dude, originally from Cienfuegos in Cuba.


Here's an interview I did with the awesome Sean Mitchell for his awesome magazine:

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