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NEW leadS initiativeS
As a part of a trial we're currently doing to provide dealers with
more leads, we'll be featuring an enquiry button on the search results
page. This will remove one step for the consumer between searching, and

In order to understand the impact of this test, we are serving this option to 50% of site visitors.
Dealer team photos portal
A key feature of Autotrader are sales people photos. They can sit on all listings and within each Dealership’s Dealer Page. It’s a tool that’s been used by Real Estate agents for a long time.

If you’re looking for a professional photography service, take a look at what the team at Dealer Solutions can do for you and book your staff in for a photography session today.
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How your star rating could
impact your bottom line
According to an article by, your Google reviews, including ratings, may have a significant impact on your bottom line.

With the majority of research taking place online, Google reviews are becoming a huge part of people choosing the dealership they are likely to visit. This is particularly significant when you consider that most customers visit around one or two dealership in their path the purchase*.

*CarsGuide Pay Per View Research, Hub Insights, 20th April 2015
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