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2,353 dealers ARE using Autotrader in Australia.
The highest number of dealers since our launch.

It’s a clear indication that Australian dealers want an effective, automotive specialist option to market their vehicles.

It’s also great news for consumers with lots of quality dealer cars to choose from. And even better for dealers, with only 8% of our inventory from private sellers.

There’s lots of great value ways that you can give your Autotrader listings an extra boost. One of those is the ‘Bundle 10’ pack. It includes: 10 enhanced vehicles, video, link to website, book a service, dealer destination, priority, personalised email response.

Speak to you account manager about this bundle and other ways to boost your listings.

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Blog: Leakages and profit erosion in tough times.
"Last week our head office, Cox Automotive Australia released their latest Dealer Sentiment Survey. The report provides an excellent insight into how dealers are feeling about the current market and the factors directly responsible for this."
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