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Welcome back from your Easter break!

Last week we broke another one of our records for page views and leads! More car buyers looked at your cars and submitted more leads than ever before on our sites!
Make your Dealership a
‘Google rating centric’ Business.

When we launched Autotrader last year, I’ll be honest, I got mixed reactions to the inclusion of Google Ratings from dealers.

Some dealers didn’t want to talk about their Google Ratings, while others were incredibly proud of theirs and they understood how much of a powerful tool they could be, as a good Google rating can give a consumer the comfort to go ahead and purchase. Nevertheless, whatever you think of Google ratings and reviews, they’re not going away anytime soon, so why not embrace them?

If I was still a dealer, I'd be doing the following six things.

Damian Wilson is the Head of Dealer Sales at Autotrader.
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