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This March we saw a record number of page views and leads.

We’re so excited to be delivering better and better results for you and want to thank you for your continued support.
78% Of customers USE third-party sites when searching for their next car.
According to a 2018 Cox Automotive study conducted in the US, 78% of sites visited by customers shopping for their next car are third party.

We want to help you sell yourself in your customers research journey, we designed the Dealer Destination Page. So your customers know all they need about your dealership when they search for their next car.

Watch our walk through video for more information on the Dealer Destination Page.

*2018 Car Buyer Journey, Cox Automotive through IHS Markit, is based on a survey of 2,050 consumers who purchased or leased a vehicle within 12 months of September 13, 2017 in the USA.
Watch the video
Dale Pollak: Rethink how you manage your inventory
Dale Pollak, executive vice president of Cox Automotive, gives his tips on how he sees US dealerships remaining profitable in the current used car market. 
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