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Another Autotrader Australia Record!
More dealers are discovering the advantages of using Autotrader. There are now 2,330 dealers who are onboard and selling cars through Autotrader in Australia.

Thank you for helping us create a website dealers want to be part of. Your support and feedback has been invaluable in the evolution of Autotrader.
Your Autotrader Dealer Hub now with tools to help you trade smarter.
Dealership & Inventory Visibility: These smart reports give you a snapshot of your marketing success. They show you how often your listings have been seen in search and also how many times your car detail pages have been viewed month to month.

Listing Quality: by giving insights into listing prices and how long it's been in market, this tool helps indicate whether you may achieve better results by updating your listing.

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“Car Buyers Visiting Fewer Dealerships, Making Faster Decisions as Online Engagement Rises”
A study* conducted in the US by Cox Automotive shows that a more tech-savvy buyers market is spending more time online and less time in market when they look for a new car.

*2019 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey, "Cox Automotive’s Car Buyer Journey". April 2019. 3,000 participants.
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