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The Future of the National Kenyan Football Team is in Bondo

For the football-mad African continent, 2010 was a year of great excitement with the World Cup hosted by South Africa ... and the Annual WVP Kenya Sports Tournament held in Bondo. Both events showcased skilled teams, enthusiastic spectators and the ever loud and ubiquitous vuvuzelas. Over a course of three energetic and hectic days, from December 16th to 18th, WVP Kenya brought together an estimated 600 children from 12 communities to celebrate the festive season, promote healthy living and foster team work skills. Held at Bondo Township Primary, the junior boys, senior boys and girls’ football teams and girls’ netball teams engaged in friendly but competitive matches. Between the sharp plays, good sportsmanlike conduct, and exciting penalty kicks, there was much to cheer about. In the end, the teams from Lela emerged as the winners for both girls’ football and netball, while Eyilo dominated the field, capturing first place in both junior and senior boys’ football. WVP Kenya extends a huge thank you to all the participants and supporters who helped to make the event a success!

New School Year, New Additions to the WVP Scholarship Programme

Adding to the hustle and bustle of sending our 367 scholars back to school for the start of the 2011 school year, WVP Kenya enrolled another 22 children in school from across three Districts (Bondo, Rarieda and Lugari). With the continued support of the Chello Foundation, the organisation worked with partner communities and CBOs to identify these children for sponsorship in Primary, Secondary and Polytechnic schools. Of the 2011 Intake, 8 of the scholars are total orphans (having lost both parents), 12 are partial orphans (having lost one parent), with the remaining 2 coming from needy families. Through the Scholarship Programme, orphaned and vulnerable children have the opportunity to complete and/or continue their formal education in order to secure a brighter future. WVP Kenya also aims to ensure the well-being of each child by providing medical support, monitoring academic progress, making school and home visits, and empowering their families with income generating activities. To our new scholars: karibuni sana to the WVP Kenya extended family of scholars! 

Health Talks in Lugari District 

Our Lugari team continues to organise health talks with children and youth in the district. In January a health talk was organised at Bendera. A total of 56 children, 15 years of age and under, attended the session on how HIV/AIDS is contracted. An external health facilitator presided over the event with support from our Lugari team. After the talk, the children were provided with a question period and also asked about their HIV/AIDS knowledge. Before and after the health talk, the children played a few exercise games.

Cash grants to community groups

Since 2007 WVP Kenya has supported a number of community groups with cash grants and training, enabling them to set up businesses that can generate income for the support of orphaned children. Mihani group, one of our community partners, recently spent 13,700 Kenyan Shillings (£100) from their project earnings to purchase uniforms, school bags and pay tuition fees for 40 children in the community. It just goes to show what a big impact hiring out a marquee, chairs and oxen can make!

2010 Annual Report is now available

Access the report here to read about our continued growth and achievements in 2010

WVP Kenya share research findings with Kenyan government

On February 10, three members of the WVP Kenya team went to Nairobi to attend a consultative meeting hosted by the London School of Economics and the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The meeting sought to place caregiving children on the policy agenda and drew widely on research and the experiences of WVP Kenya in working with children who take of their sick parents. The meeting was attended by the Directors of the Children's Department as well as the Permanent Secretary of Social Development. The Permanent Secretary said in his opening speech that the research carried out by WVP Kenya in Bondo distrct has "identified an important gap". 

Thank you!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous donors:
  • The Chello Foundation
  • Wereldkinderen
  • The Liberty Foundation
  • The Community Development Fund, Kenya
  • Our many individual supporters

WVP Attends Together4Change (T4C) Alliance Kick-Off 

From January 24th – 28th, the WVP Kenya Programme Director attended a workshop organised by the T4C Alliance, a collaboration between four development organisations – including Wereldkinderen, one of our donors – focused on improving the well-being of children. The objectives of the kick-off meeting were to introduce the T4C framework and programmes of focus, provide information on the parameters of a new grant received from the Dutch Government, facilitate relationships within the T4C network, and share best practises for capacity enhancement. WVP Kenya looks forward to working with Wereldkinderen and the T4C network in the coming years to continue strengthening families and communities to support orphaned and vulnerable children.
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