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WVP Kenya expanding community-based orphan support programme

Recently we received the fantastic news that our Netherlands-based partner, Wereldkinderen, has agreed to fund the expansion of our community-based orphan support programme. The programme will over a 5-year-period build the capacity of 16 communities from 4 districts in Kenya and benefit 1400 orphaned children and their households. The programme will build on our experiences from working with 8 community groups whose capacity to provide care and support for orphaned children has improved significantly after participating in our programmes. This second phase of the programme will also introduce new elements, including the mobilisation and strengthening of child protection services in the Bondo District. The project will also engage children in the communities through sports and health clubs as well as train community representatives in child rights and skilful parenting that will help to strengthen the child protection mechanisms at the community level. Part of an exciting new chapter, our Lugari office will join the Bondo team to implement the orphan support programme, spreading the benefits of capacity building to remote communities in that District. In preparation, the Lugari team has been hard at work meeting local community-based organisations and will partner first with Beluso Women’s Group to kick-start the new project. The upcoming month will be busy with training community group members on proposal writing, project and financial management, teamwork, child rights, and other important matters.  With this programme WVP Kenya will establish itself as one of the leading orphan care and support organisations in Western Kenya. We look forward to report on the progress of this programme.

Let the Countdown begin! 

Following a one week national strike in Kenya by Primary and Secondary school teachers, our scholars returned to school for Term 3, eager to continue their studies. The 2011 school year marks the first time some of our scholars, as supported through the WVP Kenya Scholarship Programme in partnership with the Chello Foundation, will sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations. The KCPE will determine what Secondary schools our scholars will qualify for as they continue their education whilst the KCSE will determine what tertiary education our scholars will pursue. WVP Kenya has a total of 18 Primary scholars and 33 Secondary scholars who will sit for the final examinations in the coming October and November. Since the beginning of the school year, the scholars have shared with us their excitement and nervousness in sitting for the final examinations – some are even counting down the days in anticipation! Throughout the school year, we have been closely monitoring the KCPE and KCSE candidates, providing school items such as review textbooks and paying fees for remedial classes. We have also met with scholars individually to provide encouragement in their studies and to build confidence in their knowledge and abilities. Cheers to all our scholars for a fantastic Term 3 and we wish our scholars who will write the final examinations the very best! 
Visit by Wereldkinderen  
In early September, WVP Kenya welcomed Margot Klute from Wereldkinderen, one of our donors for the community-based orphan support programme, to Bondo for a visit. Stepping in as the new Programme Officer of Wereldkinderen, the visit provided a great opportunity to meet, learn more about each other, and to show what positive outcomes are being achieved with the funding provided. Margot met two community partners who shared with the Wereldkinderen Programme Officer their achievements and ambitions to provide support to even more OVCs in the future. Overall, the visit provided an excellent introduction to the Programme, sharing first-hand the hard work involved and dedication by the community groups to care for children in western Kenya.
Meet Davin
Davin is 14 years old and an orphan. He joined our scholarship programme in 2011 and has got hope for the future. Davin wants to become a doctor and plans to achieve his dreams through hard work and determination in school. After completing his secondary education and passing the KCSE examination, he hopes to attend university to study medicine. By becoming a doctor, Davin plans to help other families in his communities by caring for their health.
Linking and learning workshop
On September 12th and 13th, the WVP Kenya Programme Director and Compliance Officer participated in a strategic planning workshop organised by International Child Support (ICS) in Nairobi. Other attendees of the workshop included Wereldkinderen, Camp David Centre, Child Legal Aid Network, Parenting in Africa Network, and Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children - all partners under the Together4Change (T4C) Alliance. The workshop helped the WVP Kenya team to build upon child protection knowledge and resources available. The workshop also enabled the WVP Kenya team to learn in greater detail about other NGOs and the work being done to support orphaned and vulnerable children across the country, providing opportunities for networking in the future. Thank you to ICS and Wereldkinderen for inviting us to join in the workshop.

Meet Brenda
Brenda is 18 years old and joined our scholarship programme in 2009. She is thankful for the opportunity to complete her secondary education, which would not have been possible without sponsorship. Her mother constantly struggles to earn enough income to support her daughters and provide basic needs.

Bidii and Agola community groups
WVP Kenya recently sat down with Bidii and Agola community groups to discuss how our community capacity support programme for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) has benefited the children, the group members, and the wider community. What emerged from the community visits is that with the income generated from their sustainable projects, the two groups have been able to support OVCs in school by paying school fees and providing other school items and basic needs. As a result, the supported children are able to attend school consistently and focus on their education instead of missing class to help their families earn income for food. The multi-faceted training provided and their full involvement in the implementation and operation of the income generating projects, the Bidii and Agola group members have developed their social and economic capacities to provide care and support for OVCs in the communities. The income generating projects implemented by Bidii and Agola have provided previously unavailable or scarce resources and services to the communities, meeting the needs of other community members. We are very proud of what Bidii and Agola have achieved. 

Staff Developments 
Jonathan Barlow has joined the WVP Kenya team as our new Compliance Officer (CO) and will be based in the Bondo office. He recently completed an MSc in the Political Economy of Late Development at the London School of Economics. Jonathan previously worked in UK central government in the department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Department for Work and Pensions after graduating from Lancaster University with a BSc in Economics. We would like to thank the outgoing CO, Jacquie Cheung, for all her hard work over the course of a productive and successful year. Jacquie has made great progress in strengthening the financial capacity of the Organisation and improved our donor relations greatly.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous partners:
  • The Chello Foundation
  • Wereldkinderen
  • The Liberty Foundation
Finally, we would like send a heartfelt thank you to all of our private donors, whose continued support allow us to rapidly respond to the needs of children and youth in Western Kenya and give us the flexibility we need to provide good quality services for the people we serve. Without your generous support, we would not be able to continue our work to the best of our ability.

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