2015/2016 Licence
Motorcycling New Zealand inc

2015/2016 Licence 
Expires 30 June 2016


Today we are starting the re-licencing of all members, members will be notified directly by way of email, post (for those who do not have email) and notice will also be placed on our website.   
As per the AGM there has been a small increase to the licence fees as follows:
  • Championship Licence – Junior & Senior $225
  • Championship Licence -  Mini Motocross, ATV & Moto Trial $175
  • Championship Licence - Over 65 years - free
Please help guide members, Championship licences are only required for New Zealand, North Island & South Island Championships as well as Street Road Races.  If a rider is riding in a support class at a New Zealand, North & South Island Championship they only require a Club Licence, this is not applicable to a Street Road Race – all classes at Street Road Races require a Championship Licence.
  • Club Licence – All Classes $125
  • Championship Licence - Over 65 years free
  • Club Licence - First Time Licence/Welcome Back licence $80 - A welcome back licence is someone who hasn’t had a licence for 3 or more years
As Clubs we ask you to encourage frequent One Event Licence holders to obtain a Club Licence, if they are a first time or welcome back licence holder by submitting two one event licences they also obtain a $30 discount on their licence, in the long run this works out a lot cheaper for the rider than purchasing One Event Licences regularly.

Family Discounts:
We remind you of the family discounts, unfortunately these are not applicable when a member licences on line.  However, the form can be completed and either posted, faxed or emailed to us to take advantage of the discount.  Family discounts are for family members at the same address re-licencing at the same time and are 10% for 2 family members, 15% for 3 family members or 20% for 4 or more family members.
We will send to each Club a supply of First Time/Welcome Back licence application forms as well as renewal forms.

Please see the below link to the forms:
Special Event Upgrade:
Clubs hosting Championship Events (New Zealand, North Island, South Island) excluding Street Road Race have the ability to provide at their events a Special Event Upgrade Licence.  Notification of this licence being available by the host Clubs by way of their entry form.  Conditions of being issued with a Special Event Upgrade Licence are:
  • Fee of $50
  • Competitors must indicate at the time of entering that they require a Special Event Upgrade Licence
  • Competitor must have competed in a minimum of: Seniors – 3 previous MNZ permitted events, Junior & Mini – 6 previous MNZ permitted events, in the same discipline that the Special Event Upgrade Licence is being applied for, proof of which will be in their Log Book.
  • Limited to one Special Event Upgrade Licence per licencing year.
 If you are taking advantage of this for your events we ask that you explain it well in your Entry Form & Supplementary Regulations as we have had examples of riders trying to use it more than once in a licencing season, this is more around a lack of understanding.



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